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October 2016

Episode 79: The Lost City Part 7

Sif, Raja, and Dellom Al’Baba set out in search of the ancient city of Cynidecia, but many dangers await them in the desert. In this series of podcast we’ll be playing a modified version the classic Dungeons and Dragons module “The Lost City”, adjusted for 5th edition usage. This is meant to capture the feel of a classic dungeon crawl, so sit back, grab a ten-foot pole, and roll for initiative. This is the 2nd to last installment of the series, so thanks to everyone for sticking around with it. The next episode is the grand finale!


A Monstrous Contest

One of our goals with the Out of Character podcast is to give something back to our listeners and the folks who support us. To that end we’ve been discussing the idea of a contest for a while now, but it never felt like the right time up until now, and we always struggled with what to give away as a reward.

Recently I picked up a copy of The Tome of Beasts from Kobold Press and since that seems like something most folks are enjoying I thought it might also make a good prize. Then we had to think of something to do for a contest.

The rules are extremely simple. All you have to do to enter is share your favorite moment from the podcast and why that really struck a chord with you. You can do this by emailing us at: by November 30th, 2016. You don’t need to include your personal information with the email, we’ll only be asking that of the winner so we can mail them their prize.

We’ll read through all of the entries and announce the winner in early December. By request we can also autograph the book if anyone is interested in that.

If you want to get creative with your entry go for it. Artwork, videos, or anything you can think of that allows you to share a moment from the podcast you enjoyed is welcome. If you want to recreate a scene with Lego and snap a photo go for it.

Making Mithril

Lacking the skill and cunning of a dwarf I am forced to create mithril I am forced to imagine how I would use it in an rpg like Adventures in Middle-Earth. I shared my basic thoughts on the idea in our most recent podcast episode, but I thought I’d go ahead and provided a 5e compatible stat-block for it as well.

Any gm looking to add mithtril to their game should keep a few things in mind. First it is exceedingly rare and would be at home in the collection of kings and warrior queens of old. Second it is powerful and will protect a warrior from a great deal of damage.

Mithril Armor

Armor (Chain shirt), legendary 

As light as a feather, and hard as dragon scales this armor is precious beyond wealth. Very little armor was ever made of mithril because it is a rare substance found deep beneath Middle-Earth. Fit for a King Under the Mountain a mithril shirt was once given to Bilbo Baggins by Thorin Oakenshield as a token of their friendship, who passed it on to Frodo Baggins many years late.

While wearing this armor you gain a +3 bonus to your AC and you are immune to slashing and piercing damage. It also consider light armor and can be worn by any character with that proficiency. Mithril Armor also doesn’t cause player’s to have disadvantage while making Stealth checks.



Episode 78: Adventures in Middle-Earth Second Breakfast Edition

I do a proper review of Adventures in Middle-Earth from Cubicle 7.

Episode 77: The Lamp Lighters Part 3

We return to our campaign featuring the Lamp Lighters set in the Forgotten Realms, and an old friend returns to the fold.

Episode 76: Curse of Strahd Part 1

In the first installment of our new series an amazon princess, a 1940’s archaeologist, a bard from the Sword Coast, and a priestess of Bastet set out to confront the vampire lord of Barovia himself.

Episode 75: Loot the Bodies

In another round of GM tips I offer suggestions for handling players who treat the fallen bodies of their opponents like loot-filled pinatas.

Episode 74: 3D6 Supers

We get back to the podcast after a break with a review of the superhero roleplaying game 3D6 Supers written by a Pittsburgh local.

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