I’ll be posting links to businesses and organizations that give Out of Character a positive experience, and I hope that people will seek each of them out in their own time.

Phantom in the Attic
This is an amazing friendly local gaming store in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s right in the middle of Oakland near CMU, PITT, and some of the major museums and tourist attractions in the city. The staff are very friendly, they have a wide variety of games, and you’ll almost always meet some wonderful people while you’re browsing. As an added bonus there is a comic book store, also Phantom in the Attic, located right across the street. They have been very supportive of Out of Character so I wanted to point anyone who might be in the area towards their doorstep.

Here is a link to their facebook page:

Little House Big Art
This is a must visit location for anyone with an interest in any sorts of arts and crafts activities. You can do everything from painting and jewelry making to sculpting. Lindsay, who was manning the big house when we last visited, was very friendly and even painted some miniatures with us. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a day drop in at Little House Big Art and do something creative.

Here is a link to their website:

Adam and the River Blackwater Band

Jade and I first saw Adam and the River Blackwater Band perform at a New Years Eve party a few years ago. When I decided to get some theme music for Out of Character I knew I wanted to have live music performed by a Pittsburgh band. They seemed like the natural choice and the resulting song was fantastic.

Here is a link to their website:

That DND Podcast

My friend Chris GMs a live play 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons podcast that promises to be a very entertaining experience for all of its listeners.

Rss Feed: feeds.feedburner.com/that-dnd-podcast
Website: http://www.thatdndpodcast.com

Geoff Munn

Geoff is the animator/illustrator who created the custom artwork for our podcast, he’s a great guy and I highly recommend hiring him if you need so work done.

Website: http://www.geoffmunn.daportfolio.com

The Geekadrome

Located on Brookline Boulevard in Pittsburgh, PA the Geekadrome is a gaming/comic book store where I regularly play Heroclix on Tuesdays. There’s a great player community there, and if you’re looking to start playing Heroclix this is a good place to try the game out. They’ve got a nice selection of games, comics, and other nerdy delights and there are events running there almost every day of the week.

Drawbridge Games

Located on Castle Shannon Boulevard in Pittsburgh, PA Drawbridge Games is a tabletop gaming store that specializes in miniature gaming, but they do a little bit of everything. If you’re looking for he perfect miniature for your roleplaying game You can get a discount by joining they Gatecrasher loyalty program, and if you’re in the area on a Friday drop in for Force Be With You Fridays, when there’s gaming related to all things Star Wars. The owner Enrico is super friendly, and he goes out of his way to make everyone who walks through the door feel welcome.


Apis Mead and Winery

Although I’m not a drinker Jade and I both enjoyed our visit to the Apis Mead and Winery. Aside from their selection of expertly brewed mead and other drinks they offer a comfortable atmosphere that made me more than happy to stay while Jade sampled a flight, she recommends the Dorsata and she really loved the Pina Colada, and Passion Fruit too. They’ve got a nice selections of games that anyone can play while they’re there, and people are welcome to bring their own games.