One of our goals with the Out of Character podcast is to give something back to our listeners and the folks who support us. To that end we’ve been discussing the idea of a contest for a while now, but it never felt like the right time up until now, and we always struggled with what to give away as a reward.

Recently I picked up a copy of The Tome of Beasts from Kobold Press and since that seems like something most folks are enjoying I thought it might also make a good prize. Then we had to think of something to do for a contest.

The rules are extremely simple. All you have to do to enter is share your favorite moment from the podcast and why that really struck a chord with you. You can do this by emailing us at: by November 30th, 2016. You don’t need to include your personal information with the email, we’ll only be asking that of the winner so we can mail them their prize.

We’ll read through all of the entries and announce the winner in early December. By request we can also autograph the book if anyone is interested in that.

If you want to get creative with your entry go for it. Artwork, videos, or anything you can think of that allows you to share a moment from the podcast you enjoyed is welcome. If you want to recreate a scene with Lego and snap a photo go for it.