Out of Character

"Has anyone seen my D20?"


October 2015

Episode 48: The Lost City Part 3

Return beneath the desert sands as heroes quest deep underground through the ancient ruins of the lost city in search of the dreaded monster know as Zargon.


Episode 47: Rule #1 Never Reveal Your Secret Identity

In another round of GM tips I discuss a few ways to incorporate your player’s secret identities into your campaign when running a superhero RPG.

Episode 46: The Triwizard Tournament the First Task

In our latest episode three students from the greatest magical schools in Europe gather to take part in the Triwziard Tournament. Can they prevail against three deadly challenges? Find out!

Episode 45: The King is Dead

In a bonus episode of Out of Character, and as promised, I’m uploading two episodes this week. This features Osprey Game’s The King is Dead. Players exert their influence in the wake of King Arthur’s death to try and secure the throne and become the next ruler of England.

Episode 44: The Lost City Part 2

Episode 44 of the podcast features the second installment of the parties adventures in the Lost City.

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