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"Has anyone seen my D20?"


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Episode 118: Adventures in Middle-Earth Part 9 No Small Favor

I recorded another one player session featuring my favorite innkeeper in Middle-Earth Puddifoot.


Episode 115: The Lamp Lighters Part 6 Dark Fire

Episode 112: Get into Wild Shape

Episode 111: The Magic Item Sandwich

Episode 110: A Night on the Town

Jessica and Tina take on the roles of Captain Marvel and Rogue as we dive back into the Marvel Heroic RPG in a one-shot.

Episode 108: Adventures in Middle-Earth Part 8 An Exchange of Arrows

The latest episode picks up back in Middle-Earth right where we left the party.

Episode 107: Adventures in Middle-Earth Part 7 Comforts of Far From Home

The podcast is finally getting back on track with more of our Adventures in Middle-Earth. Episodes for the next two weeks are recorded, edited, and uploaded! With that done the end of 2017 is all done and scheduled, and 2018 is looking promising as far as keepin a weekly outbound flow.

Episode 102: Adventures in Middle-Earth Part 5 Shadows Gather Before the Dawning of a New Day

Episode 101: Psionics the Next Stage of Human Evolution

In this episode I review Psionics the Next Stage of Human Evolution, an rpg featuring psychic powerhouses who are on the run from shadowy government organizations.

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