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"Has anyone seen my D20?"


Podcast Episodes

Episode 96: Adventures in Middle-Earth Part Unexpected Guests

Episode 95: Adventures in Middle-Earth Part 2 The Dangers of Mirkwood

In the 2nd introduction to our Adventures in Middle-Earth campaign we join an elf on parol deep in the southern reached of Mirkwood.

Episode 94: The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

Episode 92: Lamp Lighters Part 4

Episode 90: Superhero Special

In the latest episode of the podcast I make some suggestions for superhero style roleplaying games.

Episode 89: One Deck Dungeon

In this episode I revew the new dice & card game One Deck Dungeon that seeks to capture the feel of a classic dungeon crawl.

Episode 88: The Labyrinth Board Game

In this episode I review The Labyrinth Board Game with Jade.

Episode 87: The Six Million Credit Player Character

In this episode of the podcast I discuss some of the possible mechanics and plothooks involved in using cyborgs in an rpg.

Episode 86: Star Wars Destiny

In our latest episode I review the dice and card game Star Wars Destiny from Fantasy Flight.

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