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"Has anyone seen my D20?"


Podcast Episodes

Episode 102: Adventures in Middle-Earth Part 5 Shadows Gather Before the Dawning of a New Day


Episode 101: Psionics the Next Stage of Human Evolution

In this episode I review Psionics the Next Stage of Human Evolution, an rpg featuring psychic powerhouses who are on the run from shadowy government organizations.

Episode 100: Our Epic Summer

In this episode of the podcast Jade and I talk about our nerdy summer vacations, which consisted of Epic Nerd Camp and Gencon respectively.

Episode 99: The Beliefs of Saruman

In this episode I discuss the mechanics of classes, magic, and magical items pertaining to Adventures in Middle-Earth.

Episode 98: Adventures in Middle-Earth Part 4 Meetings and Murmurs in Mirkwood

From the white city of Minas Tirith, to the shadowed reached of Mirkwood, to the foothills of The Misty Mountains three adventurers set on their own paths begin to converge. Meanwhile old dangers begin to emerge from within Mirkwood itself.

Episode 96: Adventures in Middle-Earth Part Unexpected Guests

Episode 95: Adventures in Middle-Earth Part 2 The Dangers of Mirkwood

In the 2nd introduction to our Adventures in Middle-Earth campaign we join an elf on parol deep in the southern reached of Mirkwood.

Episode 94: The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game

Episode 92: Lamp Lighters Part 4

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