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"Has anyone seen my D20?"


February 2016

Episode 67: Lost City Part 5

Sif, Raja, and Dellom Al’Baba set out into in search of the ancient city of Cynidecia, but many dangers await them in the desert. In this series of podcast we’ll be playing a modified version the classic Dungeons and Dragons module “The Lost City”, adjusted for 5th edition usage. This is meant to capture the feel of a classic dungeon crawl, so sit back, grab a ten-foot pole, and roll for initiative. *Note: We lost about ten minutes of audio during recording and the rest suffered. I’ve cleaned it up as best as I could.


Episode 66: Star Wars Counter Force Part 1

In the wake of the destruction of the Hosnian System, three travelers find themselves on the planet Tatooine in a time of change. They will play a role in the outcome of galactic events, although what part they will play is yet to be revealed.

Episode 65: Walking a Beat in a Zero G Environment

Episode 64: Food and Drink

In a round of GM Tips I discuss ways to employ food and drink in your campaign.

Episode 63: X-Wing Miniature Game

First off, sorry I’ve fallen so far behind in updating the blog. I am trying to get my nose to the grindstone and get back to it as time allows. We’ve been uploading episodes regularly, I just haven’t been posting the links. This one is a quick review of Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing Miniature Game.

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