Jon Forrester


Jade Mellon

Jade Mellon is,among other things, a writer. In 1992, she received a B.A. in creative writing from Carnegie Mellon University. Thus far, she have been most successful with getting her nonfiction work published, but she is also interested in writing fiction and plays. She always has a few ideas from each genre rattling around in her head … it’s just difficult to find time to write down even a small percentage of them! She has been fortunate (and persistent) enough that for the past few years, she has been able to work only on things that have been guaranteed publication. She’s done quite a bit of magazine work, including pieces that were printed in Renaissance, Pirates, and, most regularly, Faerie Magazine. She has even done a cover article on the outstanding movie Stardust for this magazine, which is a quarterly periodical focused on fantasy literature, art, music, and fashion.

For many years, however, most of her creative energy was dedicated to writing a nonfiction book called The Virgin Mary in the Perceptions of Women. It was published by McFarland in spring, 2008. Making the transition from magazine articles to a full-blown book has been inspiring, frustrating, fulfilling, and overwhelming – sometimes all at once! She has been interested in Mariology for a long time, but it only became a full-fledged passion when she attended graduate school in the field of library science. Her master’s thesis addressed the topic of Mary in medieval and Renaissance society. After she received her degree in library science, she spent several years working as a children’s librarian — first in a public library, then a school library. She is currently still gainfully employed as a librarian, but she remains certain that writing is her true life’s work.

Jason McMullan

Jason is our resident tech wizard. He keeps all of our machines running and he’s an amazing person to have in the group.

Sebastian Hess

Our resident lovable rules rolodex Sebastian Hess is that guy who can pick up a game manual, read it in a few minutes, and relate the contents with a clarity that approaches divinity.

Jessica McGuiness

Our resident warrior woman I met Jessica playing Heroclix at the Geekadrome a few years ago, she’s an extremely talented and entertaining gamer. I also know for a fact that she’s taking classes in swordplay so don’t mess with her!

Christina Watson

The newest addition to the Out of Character family, Christine has only been introduced to tabletop RPGS recently but hearing her play I doubt you’d ever realize it.