Out of Character

"Has anyone seen my D20?"


December 2015

Episode 59: The Underground a Same & Fuzzy Roleplaying Game

I sat down with Sebastian today and after a little bit of a discussion he’d created his first ever The Underground a Sam & Fuzzy Roleplaying Game character. I’ve been reading Sam & Fuzzy for years, and I after meeting the creator at Gencon I was really excited to do something with the rpg based in the world he fashioned. Given how enthusiastic Sebastian was about his character I think we’re going to have to bust out some episodes in the near future.


Episode 56: Super Fight

This week’s episode features the new card game Super Fight, it’s also a bit early because I managed to finish my editing a day ahead of schedule.

Episode 55:Atomic Robo RPG

I did a review of the Atomic Robo Roleplaying Game for the folks over at Evil Hat Productions, it was a blast to read through this game and I’d really like to do a campaign with it soon.

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