Out of Character

"Has anyone seen my D20?"



Shadowrun Beginner’s Box Unboxing

One of the things I acquired for my birthday was a Shadowrun Beginner’s Box. I tore through it’s guts and displayed them on the internet. I really like this and I am planning to do some sort of Shadowrun adventure as soon as I can find the time.


Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D Heroclix Booster Video

I picked up a couple of Heroclix boosters from the newest set at my friendly local game store, I figured I’d give people a peek at what sorts of figures they might be able to get.

Original Avengers Heroclix Fast Forces Unboxing

I got my hands on one of the Original Avengers Heroclix Fast Force sets and I figured since we did a podcast today why not toss up a video over on Youtube as well. If you’re curious about the set give it a look.

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