Lacking the skill and cunning of a dwarf I am forced to create mithril I am forced to imagine how I would use it in an rpg like Adventures in Middle-Earth. I shared my basic thoughts on the idea in our most recent podcast episode, but I thought I’d go ahead and provided a 5e compatible stat-block for it as well.

Any gm looking to add mithtril to their game should keep a few things in mind. First it is exceedingly rare and would be at home in the collection of kings and warrior queens of old. Second it is powerful and will protect a warrior from a great deal of damage.

Mithril Armor

Armor (Chain shirt), legendary 

As light as a feather, and hard as dragon scales this armor is precious beyond wealth. Very little armor was ever made of mithril because it is a rare substance found deep beneath Middle-Earth. Fit for a King Under the Mountain a mithril shirt was once given to Bilbo Baggins by Thorin Oakenshield as a token of their friendship, who passed it on to Frodo Baggins many years late.

While wearing this armor you gain a +3 bonus to your AC and you are immune to slashing and piercing damage. It also consider light armor and can be worn by any character with that proficiency. Mithril Armor also doesn’t cause player’s to have disadvantage while making Stealth checks.