The Out of Character team is going to be conducting our first twitch and charity event on February  09th, 2017 from 11:o00 AM EST until we finish our game. We’re going to have 5 players supporting various charities detailed below. The video will be available to everyone so there is no requirement to donate to watch, but please do.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Twilight Imperium it is a science fiction tabletop game from Fantasy Flight. Various alien species vie for dominance in a custom made galaxy that has been at the center of a power vacuum for far too long.

We do have an incentive for those who donate big! Anyone donating $20.00 or more to any of the charities can choose one player and designate which species that player will use during our game. For obvious reasons this incentive is limited to 1 per person and once someone choose a player that’s pretty much that.

We’re all just hoping to have a good day, raise some money for our causes and make something you’ll all enjoy. There’s a list of the players and the organizations their support below as well as links to their various websites.

Jon: Out of Character’s default GM will be playing to support The National Aviary.

Jessica: A regular on the Out of Character podcast will be playing to support Coordinated Care Network.

Christina: A regular on the Out of Character podcast will be playing to support the GLCC Pittsburgh’s LGBT community center.

Jason: A regular on the Out of Character podcast  will be playing to support Animal Friends.

Rob: A friend and our resident Twilight Imperium expert. will be playing to support Child’splay

A local game store, Drawbridge Games, has been kind enough to allow us to play there so if you’re in the Pittsburgh area on the day of stop in and watch us try to destroy one another.