In an effort to try and garner some more interest in the podcast and what we do I thought I’d run an ongoing game for a bit. I was trying to run a Dungeons & Dragons game set in Ancient Rome but that got zero interest so we’re doing something else. This time I thought we’d try Mutants and Masterminds, specifically the Justice League Unlimited Season 4! Picking up one year after the events of season 3 of Justice League Unlimited. This game will be open to everyone and will run for 13 sessions (there were 13 episodes in each season of Justice League Unlimited so that seems to fit).

Players can jump in for one session or try and make it out to each of them if they wish. Whether this is your first time playing Mutants and Masterminds or you’re an old pro please don’t hesitate to join in on the fun.

Now as for choosing which heroes to play please flip through either of DC Adventures Heroes & Villains books from Green Ronin. Don’t worry about building a hero, we’re just going to use the ones from the book because it is easier than having to double-check work for everyone month after month, allows new players to jump right in, and gives people access to pretty much every hero they could ask for. Don’t worry about Power Level either, just choose a favorite . You can always swap out for the next session.

We are running on a first come first serve basis so whoever is the first to say they want Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman gets them. Of course if those players fail to turn u the character goes back into rotation.

Our first game will be in a few weeks so please check it out here: