One of the first games I ever ran was a Mutants & Masterminds campaign set in a fictional city of my creation called Titan. Over the years I ran more than one campaign set on the streets of that city and they all hold a special place in my memories. I thought I would share some of the fiction behind Titan, and maybe someone out there looking to start a Mutants & Masterminds game of their own will get some use out of it.

For more than a decade the heroine known simply as Justice has kept the scum and villainy of Titan hidden in the shadowed alleys of her city. Until one month ago. That was when Justice simply stopped appearing and the city started its rapid transformation from a thriving metropolis into a war zone. Now three rival crime lords and their small armies are battling in the streets for supremacy and trying to determine which is willing to pay the most blood in order to rule Titan. It’s been left to the other heroes of the city to keep the citizenry caught in the middle alive. As one of those heroes can you save lives? Will you be able to discover what fate has befallen Justice? Or will you too fall victim to the many threats of Titan?

City Information

Titan is a very large coastal city that started as a small village more than a hundred years ago and managed to grow with the times into a force to be reckoned with anywhere in the world. A shipload of families coming to the news world from Greece were blown of course by a storm, their ship crashed in a secluded bay far from any of the existing colonies in America in the year 1707. These were the first citizens of Titan who used the hull of their ship to shield them from the elements while building the first structures of their new home. Over time numerous industries developed, among them a large quarry which provided stone for the city as well as trade with developing cities. As stone buildings began rising ad the city grew the Greek influence on the architecture was obvious.

In the 1950’s Titan built its first nuclear reactor which served to meet the cities growing energy needs as the population swelled. It was also in this period that the first superhumans began appearing within the city limits. Until the end of the millennium the various heroes and villains who fought their private wars on the rooftops of Titan were viewed as a threat to public safety and a general nuisance.

When the Mayor Wintergreen took office in 2001 her establishment of the RSRU was questioned but when the organization started getting results the new mayor found massive support. It was also around this time that the crime fighter known as Justice began appearing in Titan. For the first time the villains of Titan had serious opposition in their endeavors leading to an era of peace.


Atlantis: A popular nightclub/restaurant owned and operated by Maximus Pluto. Citizens flock there in droves hoping to gain entry if only for the unique atmosphere as the club is built on the ocean floor beneath the waters surrounding Titan. Heavily reinforced glass grants patrons a stunning view of the ocean depths during their visit and the food is prepared by world class gourmet chefs. For those who can afford the price of admission Atlantis is a must see.

Chimera Laboratories: Contained in a trio of mammoth skyscrapers which a small army of scientists live and work in Chimera Labs is at the forefront of discovery in nearly every branch of science known to man with a staff claiming many of the brightest minds of the generation. Fortunately in a city under siege by living experiments gone awry, mad scientists, and devastating devices they are well equipped for dealing with such problems.

Gaea Park:  The oldest and by far largest park located in Titan it is a popular location for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a place for outdoor activities. Unfortunately its size and the abundance of secluded hideaways have made it a popular spot for some criminal activities over the years.

Glass Island Maximum Security Prison: A prison located on a sandbar that was plagued with storms long before there was a city in the region. At one point the island was fitted with lightning rods and used to create glass for the cities construction or trade. Now it serves a different purpose. Heavily fortified and entirely self-sufficient the prison built here in 1905 is home to the captured supervillains and mundane criminals of Titan.

Museum of Unnatural History: A collection of strange, mysterious, or ancient artifacts plucked from the tombs of ancient kings long dead and ruins scattered the across the globe. The museum is home to hundreds of priceless objects most of which claim some sort of arcane power or history making it a popular attraction for many of those visiting Titan. Of course the promise of magical powers fueled by such artifacts has on occasion tempted some of Titan’s less honest citizens as well…


Prometheus Power Plant: The only power plant in Titan it is situated in the harbor as a safety precaution and to ensure it remains secluded from the fist fights of super strong individuals. This facility provides the city with most of its electricity and has done so since it first opened.


Daughters of the Atom: A group of prominent female scientists who live and work in Titan, they meet once a week to discuss various areas of study ranging from nuclear physics to biology. Founded in 1958 the group met in the home of nuclear physicist Susan Kret who oversaw the cities first nuclear facility.

RSRU(Rapid Superhuman Response Unit):  A branch of the police created under the term of Mayor Hardwick they are specially trained and equipped for dealing with the heroes and villains of the world. Many questioned the wisdom of pitting normal men and women against super powered criminals but they’ve proven themselves quite capable.

The Harpies: A gang with only female members that has operated out of Titan for many years, their members are altered magically as part of their initiation. Each of them became winged and taloned creatures that fancy themselves the rulers of Titan’s skies. In truth they are little more than a nuisance and their plans routinely fail due to treachery from within the organization.

The Titan Ten: While other more business minded criminals busy themselves with trying to take over the world others choose to pursue less lofty goals, making them no less feared and in some cases even more so. Chief among them are the Titan Ten a loosely affiliated group of ten super villains who regularly operate out of Titan. Their methods and goals vary as widely as their appearance but they all have one thing in common. Everyone in Titan is afraid of them.

Prominent People

Mayor Elizabeth Hardwick: At age 59 Mayor Hardwick is in her fifth term as Mayor of Titan and she has earned a great deal of popularity for her creative approach to the superhuman issue. She worked her way up the political ranks starting as an advisor for one of the former mayors after college.

Justice: Blindfolded, silent, and wielding a sword the mysterious hero known as Justice has crossed the streets of Titan for a decade keeping the crime of the city under control. She is skilled, driven, and tales of her exploits describe her as having any number of unconfirmed super powers.

Brian Moone: Lawyer to the high profile super criminals of the world Moone’s formidable reputation is well earned, he’s charming and skilled at using the justice system to his advantage. In his youth he aspired to putting criminals behind bars and even had a prominent relationship with the hero Justice. Ultimately he was swayed from this course by a desire for wealth and power. His private law firm is directly responsible for freeing countless villains every year earning him the scorn of many but his prominent charity work casts a great deal of public favor towards him. On occasion attempts have been made to connect him to the criminal underworld of Titan but they have met with utter failure.

Flytrap: A madman driven by his goal of creating powerful plant/human hybrids in order to ensure the survival of both species he uses crime as a method to fund his research. His powers allow him to control plants and he commands any number of horrific scientific dead ends. Much of his past is lost in the recesses of his shattered mind including how he was granted his abilities as well as what brought him to Titan. He operates from a base hidden beneath the streets of the city, where his deformed children are often spotted wandering the sewers.

Masquerade: A female shapeshifter who never wears the same face twice and commands a small army through numerous lieutenants. Her criminal exploits include industrial espionage, blackmail, murder, and kidnapping.

Cobalt: An accident at the Prometheus Power Plant transformed Daniel Fahs from a gangly nobody into a metal skinned radioactive powerhouse. At first Cobalt thought to use his newfound powers for his own good by robbing banks but when a customer was injured during one of his robberies he turned himself into the police. His trial and prison term were treated with a great deal of media attention until his release. At a press conference following his release when asked what he planned to do with his freedom his response was “Help.” Ever since then he has served as a hammer breaking down the walls of criminal empires all over Titan.

Lark: Over the last year there have been dozens of sightings of a young woman in costume darting across the rooftops of Titan. The newest heroine of the city has managed to avoid the public eye to a great degree but the criminals she leaves trussed up in front of police stations across town are turning her into a legend with each day.

The Copper Crab: During WWII numerous attempts were made by German forces to gain access to Titan through their harbor in the hopes of gaining a strong foothold on American soil. Each and every attempt was thwarted by the hero known as the Copper Crab. The first vigilante to claim this title fought toe to toe with the Axis of Evil throughout the war until he met his demise destroying a fleet of U-boats attempting a last ditch effort at invasion. Decades passed and a second hero took up the legacy of the Copper Crab this time a man who wielded fantastic technology rather than relying on muscle. Since his appearance he has helped keep the harbors of Titan free of illegal activity.

The Eroder: A small time criminal with a talent for engineering and chemistry the Eroder designed a pair of gloves capable of firing a blast of acid with deadly accuracy. Ever since his first appearance in Titan he has made every effort to make a name for himself and move up the food chain without much success. Lacking true super powers many young heroes have underestimated him during their encounters and now carry scars to remind them of the lesson learned that day. He’s popular hired muscle for those who are on a budget because he always puts the job before all else.

Dr. Curtis Myers: The top scientist of Chimera Laboratories with an expertise for chemistry, robotics, biology, physics, and any number of other scientific fields he is considered by most people to be the smartest man in Titan today. He’s a surprisingly charismatic person who is happy to lead tours through his labs and explain what goes on there.

Dr. Eliza Barron: Curator of the Museum of Unnatural History Dr. Barron holds several degrees in history and arcane theory, her fascination with mystical artifacts and their history enables her to stay at a job many of her predecessors weren’t up to due to the alarming number of attempted robberies.

Jaguar/ Douglas Monroe: A former superhero possessing the strength, agility, and senses of her namesake. She acquired her powers after undergoing an experiment at Chimera Laboratories that had been intended to enhance members of the Titan police force. The experiment worked too well and was set aside as most people would refuse to be transformed into a 7 foot tall cat human hybrid. After years of duty she retired from active crime fighting when she was offered a position on Mayor Hardwick’s staff as her head of security.

Sharon Ross: Owner and editor of The Torch, the best-selling and oldest newspaper in Titan, Ross has earned a reputation for knowing everything that happens in “her” city before anyone else. Rather than running things from behind the scenes Ross leads the charge and is found more often than not chasing down the lead on a story or furiously putting the finishing touches on her last piece. The disappearance of Justice has come as a blow to Ross as her inability to solve the mystery surrounding it has driven her into bouts of deep depression.