As we continue to try and provide new content every day I wanted to carry on with our Star Wars theme, so I present species traits for the Sluissi, a snake-like reptilian species of engineers from the Outer Rim. I stumbled onto an entry on them while reading through some of my Star Wars books and I thought it odd that we don’t seem them cropping up more. They certainly aren’t major agitators of the history books but they were early members of the Old Republic, a party to the Clone Wars, and at least one of them has served as Jedi. Plus they’re some of the best starship engineers in the galaxy. I used Saga Edition again for this because as I said before it is my favorite. I hope some of you find a used for this, or at least think it is interesting.


Reptilian humanoids native to the Outer Rim the Sluissi have been prominent members of the galactic community since. By the time Duros and Human scouts discovered their homeworld they were already exploring other systems with lightspeed technology. They eagerly joined the Old Republic and remained active within the organization, eventually they sided with the Separatists during The Clone Wars.

Personality:  Extremely patient and sociable creatures who famous for their ability to stay calm under pressure.

Physical Description: Sluissi average about 1.7 meters tall. Their skin color ranges from light brown to deep green. Their lower bodies are made up of a serpentine tail and fin-like appendages extend from each of their forearms.

Homeworld: Sluis Van

Languages: Sluissi can speak Sluissese, they also commonly learn Basic as many choose to travel, although they often speak with slurring and a lisp.

Example Names: Sirlahn Alsek, Vsil Ejahsa, Usahn L’sehl, Sekae N’sehnor and Mektiss Risohr

Adventurers: A Sluissi adventurer may be naturally talented at working with machinery, they are a common sight in many parts of the galaxy working as technicians on starships. At least one member of the species was known to be Force-sensitive and served as a Jedi during the Manadlorian Wars.


Sluissi Species Traits

Sluissi share the following species traits:

Ability Modifiers: +2 intelligence, +2 Charisma, -2 Dexterity. Brilliant engineers and personable diplomats the Sluissi’s cumbersome lower extremity makes them less agile than many other species.

Medium Size:  As Medium creatures, Sluissi have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Speed: Sluissi base speed is 6 squares

Slithering Speed: Sluissi can be knocked prone, but they do not suffer a penalty to their attack rolls or movement speed while prone. Ranged attacks made against them still suffer a -5 penalty.

Conditional Bonus Feat: A Sluissi with Mechanics as a trained skill gains skills focus (Mechanics) as a bonus feat.

Automatic Languages: Basic and Sluissese