I’m sort of breaking from what I said already when I proposed our first month would be devoted to Star Wars, but I was cobbling together a magical item that I felt like sharing. This is a 5e compatible magical item that can easily be the centerpiece to a campaign, or a powerful object that falls into the hands of a party. A mirror unlike any other created using sand from a transformed beholder, and endowed with special properties to aid in locating and defeating them.

The Eye of the Beholder

Wondrous Item, Legendary, Requires Attunement

Created using sand from a transformed beholder this powerful artifact is feared by all of the tyrants and whispered of in tales of the heroes who’ve slain them.

This mirror can be used to cast the scrying spell without using components or spell slots, but it can only be used to scry for beholders.

The mirror can also absorb or reflect any rays cast beholder’s as described below.

Absorb:  When a ray used by a beholder is used within your line of sight you can use the absorb effect as a bonus action. The ray vanishes into the surface of the mirror and is held within it for 24 hours. Up to 3 rays can be absorbed at a time. As an action the wielder can cast the ray back at the beholder.

Reflect: When target by a ray cast by a beholder make a DC 12 Dexterity saving throw, if successful turn the ray back on the beholder that cast it and apply the effect as described.

Note: The absorb and reflect effects cannot be used on the same ray, meaning if you attempt to absorb a ray you cannot also attempt to reflect it on the same turn.