A while ago I mentioned we’d be making some changes to the podcast. Namely we would be focusing on 3 ongoing games for our campaigns. That doesn’t mean we’ll never upload or play anything else, but it does mean there will be a more consistent tighter series for people to enjoy. I realize it can be hard to stay invested when episodes are spread out so far.

One of the 3 games we’re going to be playing is our Lamp Lighters campaign set in The Forgotten Realms. Featuring Bastion Urd, Nyssa, and Umraetana. This campaign will be ongoing and we’ll be doing our very best to keep episodes coming on a regular basis. My hope is that we manage to put up at least one of these a month if not more.

The artwork for the game was created by Geoff Munn, a fantastic artist who does all of the art for our campaigns.

If you’re interested in catching up with Lamp Lighters here are links to the first 3 episodes. As of this moment that is all there are and you have plenty of time before we get down to business.




At the moment I am focusing on finishing up some older episodes we’d recorded and uploading them, as well as a few other games like our 2 part City of Mists game. As for what other ongoing games you can expect from us we have those planned out. We’ll be doing a supers campaign and a game set in Middle-Earth. More detail will be revealed about those projects as we solidify the details.