This is a somewhat silly, but possibly useful magical item I whipped up for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. It is untested but I think players could have a bit of fun with it.

Ring of Rug

Ring, uncommon

As an action the wearer of this ring can transform into a seemingly ordinary rug. You may choose the type of rug at the moment of transformation (ex: polar bear, tiger skin, threadbare, ornate, etc.). At any time you may transform back into your ordinary form as an action.

In your transformed state you have a +10 bonus to Stealth checks and advantage if used in a suitable location where a rug might be common. When transformed in the middle of a forest you gain no bonus and you have disadvantage on your Stealth check. Final determination on this ruling should be discussed with your Dungeon Master.

While transformed your movement is reduced to 0, and you take 1d4+1 bludgeoning damage each time a creature that is medium-sized or larger steps on you.

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