In a universe filled with Jedi Knights, daring smugglers, cunning generals, starship aces, and warrior princesses being a diplomat can sometimes seem like a less than worthwhile pastime. Sure Leia Organna spent years in the Imperial Senate trying to effect change from within the system, but otherwise much of the picture of the diplomatic process painted by the Star Wars universe isn’t a favorable one. That’s one reason why I love Desperate Allies so much. It’s a source book for Diplomats from fantasy Flight’s Age of Rebellion and it also happens to be one of my favorite books for the series to date.

The book provides statistics for three new races Caamsi, Gossam, and Nemoidians. Caamsi are furred humanoids who excel in diplomacy but they were adamant opponents to the military buildup that occurred throughout the Republic during the Clone Wars. Just after Emperor Palpatine dissolved the Republic he also ordered the destruction of the Caamsi’s home world, although he took steps to ensure his involvement wasn’t public knowledge. The Gossam are members of a small reptilian species who colluded with Count Dooku and the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Their involvement resulted in their planet’s occupation by Imperial forces, and their entire species being banned from Coruscant. Nemoidians are relatives of the Duros species, a race of spacefaring mercantile schemers who are almost universally despised. Many blame them for helping to create the conditions that allowed the Empire to rise to power, and others simply distrust them due to their poor reputations.

Three new specializations for the Diplomat career are presented for those who didn’t find what they were looking for among the options in the Age of Rebellion core book.  The Advocate, Analyst, Propagandist are all new options that offer different avenues for those wishing to explore a career in politics. The Advocate is part advisor part strategists who utilizing insight and debate to highlight the flaws in the opposition while enhancing the arguments of their political allies. They usually aren’t the forefront of the movement, preferring to be the power behind the throne rather than taking a seat themselves. Analysts are experts in collect and utilizing raw data to inflict maximum effect politically. These are the people who can turn otherwise meaningless information into a weapon. Finally the book presents the Propagandist experts at shifting the truth to support whatever causes they want it to. During the Rebellion they utilize their talents to rally support for the rebels while painting the Empire as an even more tyrannical government than they already are.

For players there are a number of interesting pieces of equipment presented including: ceremonial weapons and clothing, pieces of commonly used technology like datatpads, a number of non-lethal grenades and blasters, as well as a few other interesting items to make a day at the Imperial Senate more lively to say the least.

If you listened to our Counterforce podcast a few months back you might remember a protocol droid named BU-GY who joined the party on their adventure. The stats for the LOM-Series protocol droid can be found in the book along with several other variations for other types of protocol droids.

Vehicles used to shuttle diplomats and their staff across and between planets can also be found in abundance here. Luxury landspeeders rest side by side with such vessels as the J-Type Diplomatic Barge that once carried Queen Amidala safely away from Naboo. Also included are some options for modifying existing starships for diplomatic missions, whether you want to ass luxury compartments or an advanced encryption array.

In truth I think Desperate Allies is something that the Diplomat could really use to make it a more worthwhile career. Excelling and really throwing yourself into the theme of the character could set you apart from a sea of other players who want to make the next Princess Leia. Signature abilities such as Diplomatic Solution and Unmatched Insight give players the options to add a unique ability to their skill trees.

Rating: 5/5