Lords of Nal Hutta

Easily one of my favorite source books for Edge of the Empire is Lords of Nal Hutta, a book that gives a detail explanation of all things Hutt. While this book doesn’t provide any new specializations for careers it does provide a lot of other useful information. For anyone planning to run a game set in or around Hutt Space this is an invaluable tool filled with tons of great information.

There are some stats for new races presented, most of them being species commonly found in Hutt territory. Details for the Hutts, Ganks, Niktos, and Sakiyan species are provided giving you some interesting options for new player characters and NPCs in the service of the Hutts. Ganks are a species of mercenaries and bounty hunters clad in heavy armor, and they are also unique in their proclivity for cybernetic enhancement. They are known for being some of the most dangerous hired guns and killers in the galaxy. Niktos are sturdy slave soldiers who toil for their Hutt masters. The book provides statistics doe the Nikto subraces, each of which traces their origins to a different region. Sakiyans are among the best trackers and hunters in the galaxy rivaling the Trandoshans and the Gand, fortunately they rarely taken an interest in galactic affairs. The Sakiyan code of honor which is central to their way of life is also explained. Personal honor and the honor of their clans are both highly prized, and any minor slight could lead to bloodshed. The Hutts are of course ponderous crime lords with considerable strength, cunning, and personalities.

A lot of time and attention is devoted to explain how the various Hutt crime families interact with one another. The personalities the drive the families are also explored and their motivations are thoroughly examined. It’s interesting to see how the Hutts stack up against one another, because even though the families are technically allied with one another they’re also vying for power against each other. Details for some of the major planets in Hutt space are also provided, making it practical to run a game on or among them. Nal Hutta is the seat of the Hutt’s power, a swampy world the Hutts conquered it and eventually. Nar Shaddaa is the largest of Nal Hutta’s five moons and it is a major center of trade and wealth in for the Hutts. Varl is the Hutt’s homewolrd but it was devastated and reduced to a wasteland unfit for habitation. Whether this was the result of a natural disaster or a conflict between the clans known as the Cataclysms remains a point of debate. After the Hutts abandoned the planet it was deemed off-limits. Kintan is the homeworld of the Kintan and it was here that the species was exposed to the radiation of a supernova that splintered them into five subspecies. Klatooine is a world with a single true spaceport that serves as another base of operations for the Hutts, the Trade Guild, and pirates of smugglers hoping to take advantage of the isolated planet. Saki is the homeworld of the Sakiyans is a lush world and nearly every inch of its surface is covered in jungle, the Sakiyans built urban centers that float over the surface so as to leave the environment undisturbed. Sriluur is a harsh world that the Hutts once conquered in order to exploits its mineral resources and to make slaves of the local inhabitants. Toydaria is a bog planet that provides food and a resort to the Hutts. The book details locations and information on each of these worlds and more.

For GMs looking for more ships to add to their potential fleets there’s a small selection of Hutt ships and vehicles. Most of these would only rarely be seen outside of Hutt space, but maybe you have a smuggler who did business with the Hutts in the past?

In all I do think this book is more useful for GMs than it is for players, but anyone with an interest in the mysteries of Hutt Space will find something worth looking at here. Most of the races here are pretty exotic and wouldn’t appear commonly throughout the rest of the galaxy. There are some sample encounters provided as well, so it is useful as a jumping off point for a campaign set on around Hutt worlds.

Rating: 5 out of 5