A fan favorite Wolverine from the animated series presents an interesting challenge. In the animated series his healing factor Wolverine’s healing factor was shown to be somewhat less powerful than it has been portrayed in the years since. He still heals fast but he is not beyond harm. His incredible senses and his adamantium claws were equally pronounced. I chose to give him prominent physical abilities, represent all of his mutant abilities, and give him a few advantages. I think Wolverine should always have a few extra language, in this case Japanese and Russian as those were the ones he fell back on most often in the animated series. The character has a lot of complications, which seems to fit.

Logan “Wolverine” PL 10

Strength 7
Stamina 7
Agility 6
Dexterity 4
Fighting 7
Intelligence 2
Awareness 5
Presence 3
82 points

Acrobatics 2 (+8)
Athletics 3 (+10)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 4 (+11)
Close Combat (Claws) 4 (+11)
Deception 2 (+5)
Insight 2 (+7)
Intimidation 8 (+11)
Investigation 2 (+7)
Perception 5 (+10)
Persuasion 2 (+5)
Stealth 4 (+10)
Treatment 3 (+5)
Vehicles 5 (+9)
23 points

Adamantium Claws- Damage 10 [Extras: Penetrating 8 Flaws: Activation] 16 Points
Adamantium Skeleton- Feature 1 Unbreakable Skeleton
Immunity 2 (Aging, Disease)
Regeneration 8- 8 points
Superhuman Senses
“The Nose Knows.” Olfactory Sense Acute, Counters Concealment, Counters Illusion, Extended 4, Tracking 2 12 points
Super Hearing (Ultra-Hearing) 1

Close Attack 1, Diehard, Languages 2 (Japanese, Russian), Tracking

Initiative +6
Close Combat (Unarmed) +12, Toughness DC 22
Close Combat (Claws) +12, Toughness DC 32 (Penetrating 8)

Dodge 6, Fortitude 7, Parry 7, Toughness 7, Will 3

Mutant: As a mutant Wolverine must live in a world alongside those who hate and fear him because of his extraordinary gifts. Many seek to exploit or harm his simply because of the circumstances of his birth.

Temper: Wolverine is given to bestial rages and violent temper swings, when angered he will often lash out with words or fists.

Lost Memories: Wolverine’s mind is a tangled patchwork of blank gaps, partial recollections, and false implanted memories.

Rivalry (Sabretooth): Of all his enemies the mutant Sabretooth is perhaps his most deadly. The two of them have waged a personal vendetta against one another for years, and both seem driven to destroy each other at any cost.

Relationship (Jean Grey): Wolverine has been in love with Jean Grey for years, but her relationship with their teammate Cyclops makes that an awkward situation. Despite the fact she is committed to Cyclops her compassion and patience with Wolverine have earned her a permanent place in his heart.

X-Men Don’t Cut and Run: Wolverine is fiercely loyal and would sooner die than abandon any of his friends or allies.

Several Lifetimes of Friends and Enemies: Wolverine has made many enemies and allies over the years. Weapon X, Omega Red, Alpha Flight, and many others organizations have reason to wish Wolverine harm, or owe him favors.