The 90’s version of Rogue is still my favorite version of the character, while it was interesting to see how she coped without Captain Marvel’s powers I think the southern powerhouse was one of the coolest characters from the series. She didn’t take a backseat or play a supporting role, she jumped right in with both feet and kicked butt! I built her to be really good and grabbing and holding onto people, to facilitate her mutant ability to drain the powers, skills, and abilities of others. I tossed in a few things to help her make improvised weapons more effective. That way when she rips up a lamppost or picks up a car she can smash the Juggernaut with it with some flair. Hopefully everyone likes Rogue, and I am looking forward to continuing with the 90’s animated X-Men tomorrow.

Anna Marie “Rogue” PL 10

Strength 10
Stamina 10
Agility 2
Dexterity 3
Fighting 4
Intelligence 1
Awareness 2
Presence 4
36 points

Acrobatics 2 (+4)
Athletics 2 (+12)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 4 (+8)
Deception 2 (+6)
Insight 4 (+6)
Intimidation 2 (+6)
Perception 2 (+4)
Persuasion 4 (+8)
Stealth 2 (+4)
Vehicles 2 (+5)
13 points

Enhanced Trait (Strength) 8- 16 points
Enhanced Trait (Stamina) 8- 16 points
Flight 6- 12 points
Power Lifting 4- 4 points
Protection 4- 4 points
Power Absorption [Extras: Dynamic Array Limits: Grab-Based, Permanent]
Affliction 6 Fortitude [Fatigued, Exhausted, Incapacitated]
Mimicry 5- 32 points

All-out Attack, Attractive, Close Attack 1, Equipment 1, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Defense, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Improvised Weapon, Move-by Action, Ultimate Effort

Communicator, Gloves, Jacket

Initiative +2
Close Combat (Unarmed) +9, Toughness DC 25
Close Combat (Improvised Weapon) +10, Toughness DC 26

Dodge 2, Fortitude 10, Parry 4, Toughness 14, Will 4
4 points

Mutant: As a mutant Rogue must live in a world alongside those who hate and fear her because of her extraordinary gifts. Many seek to exploit or harm her simply because of the circumstances of her birth.

Cursed Touch: Rogue’s mutant power s drain the abilities and memories of others whenever she touches them forcing her to keep everyone at a safe distance. She knows that the slightest touch could leave those she cares about in severe condition.

Haunted: Whenever Rogue touches someone she absorbs their memories, usually these memories fade in a matter of hours. However prolonged contact leads to an extended remnant of the personality of the person she touched. Captain Marvel, a hero Rogue encountered during her time with Mystique, was drained so thoroughly a powerful shadow of her personality threatened to overwhelm Rogue’s mind. Professor Xavier helped her by setting up psychic barriers to seal off the memories and personalities of Captain Marvel, even as Rogue continued to benefit from the powers she’d drained from her.

Relationship (Gambit): Rogue has shared a flirtatious relationship with her fellow X-Men teammate Gambit, but make a more involved courtship dangerous.

Relationship (Mystique): Mystique discovered Rogue after she ran away from home, she trained her and exploited her gifts to serve her own ends. Even after she uncovered what Mystique had planned for her and fled Rogue still had strong feelings for the woman who had been a second mother to her.