Amazing Spider-Man Dice Masters 

Wizkid’s Dice Masters keeps catching my eye, but I’ve yet to sit down and really devote any time to mastering the game. I’ve played it a couple of times with friends who’re deeply invested in the game, but that’s about as far as it goes. When I heard the newest set featured one of my favorite comic characters, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man himself, I thought it might be a good opportunity to give the it another go.

As it happened they were doing an event at the local gaming store when I turned up and I saw a ton of great characters being used. Spidey’s most loyal allies, and some of his deadliest enemies were all on offer and I couldn’t wait to see which of them would be included in the starter set. I’m sad to say I was extremely disappointed with what I found once I’d opened up the box. White Tiger, Spider-Woman, Spider-Man, Silver Sable, The Kingpin, Ghost Rider, Drax, and Carnage. That’s it. Now most of the characters do have a storied history with Spider-Man, and they definitely warrant a place in a set, but to my mind a starter set should include some of the most iconic characters from Spider-Man’s adventures. I’d have expected one or two members of The Sinister Six, maybe the Human Torch, heck I’d have loved to see Rocket Racer, Kaine, Prowler, or Puma pop up, but no.

There are tons of Spider-Man villains and supporting characters in the booster packs for the sets, many of the characters I’d expected to find in the starter set. Which really, really irritates me. The starter is twenty dollars and today is one of those rare days when I wish I could return something after buying it, because I really do feel shorted.

There are some fun looking action cards included in the set, and it does include some nicely illustrated dice bags. If you’re considering buying this product, I’d definitely give it another thought. If you’re a Spider-Man fan and you’re looking to add some fun characters to your collection then stick to buying the boosters, that’s where Wizkids seems to have put all of the good characters this time around.