I was on a roll, and I’ve missed a few months so I thought I’d also out together character sheet for Gambit before hitting the bed. He was actually a great deal harder to make than Cyclops. Gambit has a wide range of skills and abilities, and I didn’t want to leave any of them out. I gave him greater damage potential than Cyclops, but his powers also require an activation action. So he has to charge objects before he can start blowing anything up. He also has more sneaky thievery abilities, interaction abilities, and gear. I see Gambit as a guy who has big turns, but requires longer to get into the action.

He’s probably not going to be as effective in combat as some of the other X-Men, but I still think he’ll be lots of fun given his blend of abilities.

Remy LeBeau “Gambit” PL 10

Strength 4
Stamina 5
Agility 8
Dexterity 8
Fighting 5
Intelligence 0
Awareness 5
Presence 8
62 points

Acrobatics 4 (+12)
Athletics 3 (+8)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 2 (+7)
Close Combat (Quartertsaff) 4 (+9)
Deception 4 (+12)
Insight 5 (+10)
Intimidation 1 (+9)
Perception 3 (+8)
Persuasion 4 (+12)
Ranged Combat (Throwing Cards) 4 (+12)
Sleight of Hand 4 (+12)
Stealth 4 (+12)
Technology 4(+4)
Vehicles 2 (+10)
24 points

“First We Charge the Card, then We Blow it up!” Blast 10 [Extras: Flaws: Activation {Standard Action}] 18
Enhanced Trait (Agility) 4
Enhanced Trait (Dexterity) 4
Enhanced Trait (Presence) 4
42 points

Attractive, Benefit (Former Member of the Thieves’ Guild), Defensive Roll 2, Equipment 3, Fascinate, Improved Initiative 2, Improvised Tools, Languages 1(Cajun French), Move-By Action, Quickdraw, Throwing Mastery 5

Body Armor (Protection 4), Coat (Protection 1), Communicator, Playing Cards, Quarterstaff (Damage 2, Bludgeoning, Feature: Collapsible), Thieves Tools

Initiative +16
Close Combat (Unarmed) +7, Toughness DC 19
Close Combat (unarmed) +9, Toughness DC 21
Ranged Combat (Throwing Cards) +12, Toughness DC 30
Ranged Combat (Thrown Objects) +8, Toughness DC 30

Dodge 8, Fortitude 5, Parry 6, Toughness 5/*10/**12, Will 5
*With Uniform, Coat
**With Uniform, Coat, and Defensive Roll
Note: Coat adds +1 to Toughness
2 points

Mutant: As a mutant Scott Gambit must live in a world alongside those who hate and fear him because of his extraordinary gifts. Many seek to exploit or harm him simply because of the circumstances of his birth.

Once a Thief Always A…: Gambit has ties to the Thieves Guild and his training with them has given him a somewhat disreputable outlook on life.

Relationship (Rogue): Gambit and his teammate Rogue have shared a mutual attraction for some time now, however her mutant powers and her desire to avoid harming other have resulted in her keeping Gambit at a distance. Despite this he still holds out hope that he will be able to win her over in the end.

Thief of Hearts: Gambit is appreciative of beauty in all forms, unfortunately his natural charm makes it even easier for him to win over women.