M’gann M’orzz “Miss Martian”
PL 10

“Hello Megan!”

Since we’ve done a few Marvel characters, and an original character, I thought it was time for DC to get some attention. I decided to create a character I like, so I turned my gaze towards Miss Martian from the Young Justice series. She was actually one of the most difficult characters I’ve made using Mutants and Masterminds for a couple of reasons. First off, she’s supposed to be a total rookie, far more so than the other members of Young Justice who have spent years training under their mentors before joining the team. I wanted to keep her at PL 10 because anything higher than that didn’t feel right, so I had 150 power points to throw around which is usually more than enough to get on with.However M’gann has some of the most expensive powers of the game including: shapeshifting, telepathy, and telekinesis. She also has a martion bio-ship that can change shape, turn invisible, fly, and respond to telepathic commands.

Her abilities took a bit of a hit, but Miss Martian is young and she definitely grows a ton as a character as the series progresses. I did give her a few points in fighting to reflect her initial training under Black Canary. I also chose to have her powers reflect their level in the earliest episodes of the show, before she could phase or alter her gender by transforming. Her skills are pretty minimal, again reflecting her youthful inexperience and lack of training.

This is one of those characters who you could take in any number of directions, turn her into a telepathic monstrosity, pursue her martian abilities to enhance her shapeshifting and phasing powers, or pump up everything that is already here to make her a bit sturdier.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy Miss Martian. If you’d like to see a different hero make it into this monthly feature leave a comment.

Strength 8
Stamina 5
Dexterity 2
Agility 2
Fighting 2
Awareness 0
Intelligence 2
Presence 1
44 points

Acrobatics 1 (+4)
Athletics 1 (+9)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 2 (+4)
Expertise (Pop Culture) 3 (+5)
Perception 4 (+4)
Persuasion 5 (+6)
Stealth 3 (+6)
Technology 3 (+5)
11 points

Communication (Telepathic Transmission) 2
Concealment [Flaws: Blending] 5
Elongation 2
Extra Limbs 4 [Extras: Sustained]
Flight 5 [Flaws: Concentration]
Mind Reading 3
Mind Control 2
Morph 2
Move Object 8 [Extras: Improvised Weapon or Throwing Mastery]
Protection 5
Regeneration 5
82 points

Languages 1 [Martian]
1 point

Martian Bio-Ship [Invisibility 1, Morph 1, Flight 5] 14 points

Initiative +3
Close Combat (Unarmed) +6 Toughness DC 23

Dodge 3, Fortitude 5, Toughness 10, Parry 2, Will 0


Attraction (Superboy): Since the first time she met Superboy M’gann has been infatuated with him, and as they spend more time together than the other members of their team this sometimes leads to awkward situations.

Boundaries: Telepathic communication is the norm on Mars, but it is considered a violation of privacy, a fact that M’gann struggles with on Earth.

Weakness (Fire): Miss Martian cannot use any of her powers when she is exposed to fire.

White Martian: Although she uses her shapeshifting abilities to assume the appearance of a green Martian, she’s actually a white Martian, a species who are treated as an underclass on Mars and whose appearance is far more menacing.