I thought I’d do another one of the X-Men for August’s installment of Make Mine a Hero, and since it has been so hot I figured Sunfire would be a good choice. I’ve always liked the character and given the number of teams he’s been a part of it seems odd that he doesn’t get more attention. Most of my sources suggest that Shiro is a peak level human when it comes to physical abilities, but I hold Captain America up as the benchmark of peak human abilities and I don’t think Shiro is quite up to his level. He is however a serious martial artist so I I gave him well above average stats in most of his physical abilities. He’s also an Alpha-Level mutant so his powers absorbed quite a few power points. Skills got the least investment, and I used most of them to enhance his combat abilities. You could easily power Shiro up if you wanted to, I would focus on giving him additional advantages personally to represent his training as a martial artist.

Shiro Yoshida “Sunfire”
PL 10

Strength 5
Stamina 6
Dexterity 6
Agility 6
Fighting 7
Awareness 2
Intelligence 2
Presence 2

72 points

Acrobatics 1 (+7)
Athletics 1 (+7)
Close Combat (Unarmed) 3 (+10)
Close Combat (Sword) 1 (+8)
Intimidation 7 (+9)
Expertise (Martial Arts) 4 (+6)
Perception 2 (+5)
Ranged Combat (Plasma Blast) 3 (+10)
Stealth 1 (+7)
Technology 2 (+4)
Vehicles 1 (+7)

12 Points

Plasma Blasts (Blast 10 Extras: Penetrating 4)* 24 points
Environment (Heat 2)* 2 points
Flight 8* 16 Points
Immunity (Fire, Radiation) 11* 11 point
Protection 4* 4 points
Heat Signature Sense (Senses: Infravision) 1* 1 point

58 Points

All-Out Attack, Defensive Roll 2, Languages 2 (Japanese, Chinese)

4 Points

Initiative +6
Close Combat (Unarmed) +10 Toughness DC 21
Close Combat (Sword) +8
Ranged Combat (Plasma Blast) +10 Toughness DC 25

Dodge 6, Fortitude 6, Toughness 12*/10, Parry 7, Will 5
*With Defensive Roll

2 Points


Arrogant: Bullied and raised believing that it was his duty to help restore Japan to greatness, coupled with his own power, Shiro has grown into an arrogant man and this sometimes hinders him. Many find him so arrogant that they cannot stand to be around him, while others see his arrogance as a barrier to be overcome.

Family: Although many of his family members are dead Shiro counts several relatives among the mutant community. His half-sister, Leyu Yoshida, operates as a superhero with similar powers to his own and calling herself Sunpyre. His cousin, Keniuchio Harada, is the Silver Samurai.

Former Horseman of Apocalypse: At one time Shiro allowed himself to be transformed into one of the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse, Famine, the process restored the mutant abilities he had recently lost, and augmented them far beyond their former power levels. Apocalypse also replaced the legs he had lost in combat with Lady Deathstrike. During his time in Apocalypse’s service he fought his former allies the X-Men on numerous occasions before he was freed from the brainwashing he’d undergone. His actions during this time period are a great source of shame for Shiro and he struggles with the memories of what he has done.

Honor: His honor, though tarnished, remains important to Shiro and he works to maintain it in his thoughts and actions.

Japan’s Greatest Hero: A proud citizen of Japan Shiro and many others consider him to be the nation’s greatest hero, and he strives to protect his country and serve what is in its best interests at all times.

Mutant: As a mutant Shiro is subject to the same hatred his fellow mutants experience around the world.

If you enjoyed this month’s Make Mine a Hero and there’s a character that you’d like to see in a future installment leave a comment and I’ll put them on the list.