In times past the warrior kings of Winged Mountain wrought a great empire with sword, shield, and bow. One after another they lead their armies in an endless campaign that seemed destined to swallow up all that lay on the horizon. Victories bred further victories and as they conquered rival kingdoms one after another until there was no one left to challenge their rule.

In battle the warrior king’s right rule had gone unchallenged in the lands they conquered, but peace proved an entirely different set of circumstances. Years of war had left the farmlands in ruins and starvation ran rampant across the continent. The warrior kings had funneled every able bodied youth into their armies and smithies, and a result generations of craftsmen had been lost. People huddle in crumbling ruins and struggled to recall skills that they had abandoned after taking up the blade.

Warlords rose in droves and bands of desperate warriors roamed the countryside without mercy taking what meager possessions others still clung to. Monstrous creatures rose out of the darkness and feasted on the flesh of defenseless people without fear of reprisal. From his stronghold atop the Winged Mountain the last warrior king looked out upon the ruins of his kingdom knowing that his line had wrought nothing be desolation and despair.

Clerics from across the sea had watched the disastrous events through rituals and they heard the cries of the people. Their vows to their deities compelled them to act, but even with all of their power they could not hope to quell the unrest. They chose instead, to act through an emissary, and appeared before the last warrior king. He was offered the chance to save his people, and to rule in wisdom, but he was forced to take a solemn vow to never again shed blood or take a life with his own hand. He swore that he would make no war, unless it was in the defense of his people or his kingdom.

The clerics forged gauntlets that were fitted to the king as a symbol of title, and to bind him to his oath. With the cleric’s aid he drove the forces of darkness from the land, and they established order. The lands the warrior kings had conquered were divided up among the most worthy, to be ruled justly and wisely.

The king of the Winged Mountain sat in his fortress and learned to be a king whose strength did not come from the tip of a blade. When he died his gauntlets were passed onto his son, and so they have been carried down through the royal line for centuries. Whenever the king’s need is great he will remove his gauntlets and gift them to a worthy champion who will be granted the strength of ten men and the wisdom to do what is right.

Many adventures have followed these champions, and the Hands of the King as the gauntlets are called. They have been carried into battle, lost, found once more, and worn by kings who have faced mad sorcerers, dragons belching flames and ice, and ogre invaders. The Hands of the King are strong and they have yet to fail when worn by a champion of the Winged Mountain.

The Hands of the King
Wondrous Item
Grants whoever wears them a +10 bonus to their Strength score and a +10 bonus to their Wisdom score. The wear also has advantage on all Strength checks, Athletics checks related to pushing, pulling, or lifting, Strength saving throws, and unarmed attacks. The Hands of the King can only be worn by someone in the service of a true monarch. They are possessed of an intelligence and wisdom garnered from centuries of monarch’s who’ve worn them.