Today’s Daily D4 features the Force and Destiny RPG Game Master’s Kit, a product I just picked up at Drawbridge Games as part of my preparation for running Star Wars Force and Destiny. I’ve got to say that this is a pretty great kit for anyone whose looking to run a campaign. There’s not a lot inside, so if you’re looking for miniatures, tokens, or extra dice I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. However you will find some impressive content that can be utilized in a campaign. The big ticket item is a GM screen that has features a beautiful illustration of some famous force users including Yoda and Darth Maul, and a group of Jedi padawans training in front of what appears to be a Jedi temple. The interior of the screen features all of the tables and charts a GM might need for quick reference during a campaign.

Now I’ve bought a few GM kits over the years, and I usually skip over them unless I really want a screen because there’s not usually much included. However there was a surprise waiting for me in this one, a brand new adventure module meant to be used in conjunction with the adventure found in the back of the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook. The adventure puts the players on the path to find crystals that can be used in the construction of their own lightsabers. Your characters will find themselves on the planet Phemis, a world that the Jedi once utilized as a source for the crystals that act as the center of each and every one of their lightsabers. The Jedi eventually began favoring Ilum as a the primary source for their crystals, and legislation protecting the crystals on Phemis resulted in the planet drifting into relative obscurity. For the purposes of the Hidden Depths adventures Phemis has been fortified by Emperor Palpatine who is prepared for any aspiring to Jedi who might come to the planet looking to collect crystals. He’s placed a Imperial garrison and probe droids on the planet, however he’s also well aware the Phemis is a relatively unknown world so the forces in place aren’t overwhelming. The book also includes complete construction rules for building lightsabers.

If you have a extensive campaign in mind for your young Jedi the book that comes in the kit includes new rules for running Knight-level play. To be honest I think this is a fantastic kit if you’re planning to run a game set during the Clone Wars and for focusing on an all Jedi party, or if you’re trying to expand your options for running a game focused on force users.