So I asked Geoff to do some more artwork for our Hoard of the Dragon Queen campaign and it is finished, I was originally going to post all of this along with the first episode but I ended up uploading that a full month earlier than expected, anyway it’s finished and I love it so I thought I’d share it now.

D&D_Cast The party pays no heed to the obstacles that stand between them, and their destiny.

d&d_Ranger Fatima Al-Mahjalia is a ranger seeking vengeance for her murdered tribe.

d&d_Elf (1) Thres Cragsdaughter is an elf raised among a barbarian tribe of Icewind Dale, she has come south seeking the family that left her on a mountain as a baby.

d&d_Fighter Breena Stonebridge is a member of the newly formed Keepers, and a warrior pledged to smite the undead and the forces of Thay.

d&d_Bard Sarl the Slight hales from a musical tribe of goliaths, and he is searching for a new dwarf to bring home.

d&d_Tauran Kraxus Quickblade was searchingn for his father, but he brutally murdered so now he wants REVENGE!