Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition DM Screen

As part of my prep work for running Hoard of the Dragon Queen this month I decided that it was time for me to buy a new DM screen. Much as I love my old one I thought it would be handy to have one for 5th edition so I picked one up while I was out yesterday. The 5th edition screen is quite nice, and it is more or less what I would expect from Wizards of the Coast at this point. The artwork on the exterior features an enormous scarred red dragon and some kobolds battling it out with a party of adventurers amidst a treasure hoard. The interior features charts for generating characteristics for NPCs, explanations of the effects of various conditions (blinded, charmed, deafened, frightened, grappled, incapacitated, invisible, paralyzed, petrified, and poisoned, prone, restrained, stunned, unconscious, and exhaustion), setting DCs, determining cover, figuring out which skills are associated with which abilities, and other useful additions. I also like that they threw some artwork on the interior, especially the pieces they used for the conditions, they’re the same ones that were used in the Player’s Handbook but I still think they’r great. In all I’d say this a great DM screen, and I applaud Wizards of the Coast for a job well done.

Drawbridge Games

A new games store called Drawbridge Games has just opened up in our area and I’m doing everything I can to help make sure that it is a success. I visited for the first time yesterday, in fact that’s where I got my new DM screen, and I think it is a pretty great location. If look them up online they make it clears that miniatures are their primary focus, and when I walked through the door I saw plenty of evidence to back that up. They’ve got a wide selection of miniatures including products from Games Workshop and Bones. So whether you’re looking for a new batch of space marines or the perfect figure to represent your cleric in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign this is a great place to look. If you can’t find something they’re also willing to order things in, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Although minis are their focus the store also stocks other products that are sure to interest games who are looking for something else. There’s a nice selection of RPG products including

One of my favorite things about the store is the way that it is set up. The interior isn’t huge, but everything is laid out in such a way that it doesn’t feel cramped, in fact it felt like one of the roomiest establishments I’ve ever been in. Lets face it no one likes getting elbowed in the ribs accidentally while they’re trying to pick out some new dice. There are two big tables set up on either side of the entrance, but nowhere near enough to run the risk of anyone getting smacked with a door. The tables are intended for gaming and while I was there they were set up with great pieces of terrain and people were playing out a big encounter. Honestly I’ve never learned to play any of the miniature wargames, and after working all day my anxiety bar was high enough that I wasn’t up to asking about it. It looked great though and it helped ensure me that this is a good place. There are shelves running along three-quarters of the wall space and their products are divided up among them. There’s a section for RPG books, miniatures, board games, and painting supplies. Separated from those shelves there’s a section I am dubbing Far Space, because it is currently occupied by a huge selection of Star Wars games including X-Wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault. I’ve had a started set for the Star Wars X-Wing game for a long time but I’ve never gotten the chance to use it, and if there’s a store nearby that will allow me to do that it might justify me buying additional pieces. There’s also a nice bit of counter space in the far corner, they had a documentary about the Civil War playing on a television there’s a selection of Magic cards and dice there as well.

The owner is really friendly and when I came in he took the time to come over, introduce himself, and answer all of my questions about the store. He also informed they’re going to have a membership program they’re calling the Gatecrashers which allows for a 10% discount an all purchases, and gives you the chance to reserve table space. For now they’re giving that discount to everyone until they officially open on June 13th as a way of thanking members of the local community for coming in to show their support. I know some people might balk at the idea, but I think it is a fantastic thing to try, and innovation is something I always like to see. I plan on becoming a Gatecrasher.

They’re going to open with regular hours on June 13th, but they’re open from 5:30-9:00 on Friday, and from 12:30-8 Saturday and Sunday until then.

Drawbridge Games Location: 1003 Castle Shannon Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA, 15226