Unpub 5

There are fantastic conventions devoted to tabletop gaming taking place all over the world each and every year. Unfortunately because of the high cost of travel, hotels, tickets, and of course the cost of the games you’re sure to buy during your visit I’ve never been able to attend any of them. However the fact that I follow so many game designers, companies, and publishers on social media paid off today because I just heard about one that is free. That’s right free. There’s no charge for players to attend and play board games until their brains explode, and considering that Richard Launius, designer of Arkkham Horror, will be in attendance this year that is a very real possibility. Spread out over three days in February the convention features not only gaming but panels, discussions, and Q&A sessions. I love this stuff.

I also love the idea of this convention more than any other one that I’ve heard of because it is a chance to play games before they’re done, and when changes can still be added. You can give feedback to designers about mechanics that you love, like, or absolutely hate. Whether or not they choose to utilize that information is entirely up to them, but your voice will be heard and that is amazing in and of itself. Apparently there are going to be 75 gaming tables and their expecting more than 1,000 people to be in attendance. I’m am psyched beyond all sanity because not only is this a chance for me to meet who knows how many fantastic people and play some great games, but I can also connect with designers and use Out of Character to help get news about their games out into the world.

Special thanks to Nevermore Games for posting information about the convention, without them I would never had known about it.


Unless I am mistaken this is a picture from Unpub 4 which was held in a different location, this year the convention will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center as the event has grown to a greater size than ever before.