Pardon any spelling errors today, I am typing this on my phone and the keys are tony. I thought We would discuss something today, something that comes up in RPGs from time to time. Skills. Lots of games incorporate a skill system to take into account the way your character makes a living. Whether they happen to be a starship mechanic, a wilderness guide, a blacksmith, or a tugboat captain there is usually some way to bring their skills into play.

However some abilities are more sought after than others. Being able to pilot a starship in a Star Wars campaign may come in handy more often than an encyclopedic knowledge of every poisonous fungi in the galaxy. As a player I often seek out those skills if they fit my character’s concept, and as a GM I do my best to reward players for selecting them.

Stealthy, diplomatic, learned characters will always find a place in a party. I do wish more people would strike out into unexplored territory though, even if it does raise a few eyebrows around the table. Choose smelling when you play the Dragon Age RPG, spend a few points on an expertise in Aztec architecture when you play Mutants and Masterminds, make a true noble and give them knowledge of biology when playing star wars saga. As long as it fits your character and enhances your enjoyment of playing them I say it is worth a bit of whatever points you’ve been given to build your character.