Picking up where we left off yesterday with our review of the various speedsters from the new Flash set of Heroclix I thought we’d continue with two very different members of the Flash family. As with XS and all of the other speedsters from the Flash they have the following trait:

Speed Force: When (Character’s Name) moves at least one square and hits one or more adjacent characters, you may place a Speed token on this card after actions resolve. Increase (Character’s Name)’s Speed value by the number of Speed tokens on this card.

Max Mercury
Keywords: Central City, Past, Speedster

Arguably one of the best speedsters in the set I’m afraid most folks are going to overlook Max’s potential in favor of more powerful figures. Don’t get me wrong he definitely has some weaknesses. For example his top dial features a seventeen defense with Willpower, which is handy since he doesn’t have Indomitable, but it also means a big hit can hurt him severely. He also has a locked damage value of two with no Precision Strike so characters with Indomitable or Impervious can shrug off his best shot without a sweat. That’s where the bad news ends though.

There are lots of fancy ways to use Speed tokens once you get them, but Max has one of my favorite uses for them. His trait A Trip Through the Speed Force allows you to heal him for clicks of damage by removing Speed tokens from his card at he beginning of your turn. So if Max takes a hit you can bring him right back to the top his dial, assuming you’ve been keeping him active. I found this especially useful when he was facing off with the Iron Paladin who had gained the Mystics team ability after taking a bit of damage. I just kept sending Max in to peck the Paladin for a click of damage after Toughness, running out of his range, thand then healing him up at the beginning of my next turn. Another nice feature is a special power of his called Speed Mentor. This is essentially Leadership, but Max can use it as if he were one hundred and fifty points, but only to remove an action token from a character that can use Hypersonic Speed or has the Speedster keyword. When he doesn’t have an action tokens you can also increase his Leadership rolls by the number of Speed tokens on his card.

Simply put if you’re making a Speedster team Max Mercury should have a place on it. For a mere eighty-two points he adds a pretty useful version of Leadership, and a high speed striker who can give anyone who isn’t more powerful than a locomotive second thoughts about starting a fight. Pair him up with a more powerful speedster who can benefit from his Leadership and keep collecting as many Speed tokens as you can with him.

Impulse (Bart Allen)
Keywords: Central City, Future, Speedster, Teen Titans, Young Justice

The grandson of Barry Allen, and a speedster like no other Impulse has been his own hero since the day he arrived in the past, but he’s always done his best to prove himself. Most of his powers are pretty straightforward, and he is a fairly simple character to play in regards to his own actions. With a top dial consisting of Hypersonic Speed, Precision Strike, Energy Shield/Deflection, and a special damage power we’ll discuss later on Impulse is great for inflicting damage on characters who rely on close combat and powerful defenses. Just make sure that you manage to keep him out of range of anyone attempting a charge. Half of his clicks feature a special movement power that allows him to use Flurry, Phasing/Teleport, Sidestep, and the Carry ability. While he’s on those clicks you can also remove one of the Speed tokens on his card to give him a close combat action as a free action if he moved six squares or less that turn.

Out of all the speedsters Impulse has the potential to use the most supportive powers, he’s got a special ability on four of his six clicks that allows you to roll a d6 at the beginning of your turn or when you remove a Speed token from his card. Depending on what you roll he might end up with Probability Control, Perplex, or Outwit. This can give your other speedsters the extra punch they need to bypass the defenses of your opponents.

Thanks to his trait Let Me Join Your Team! Impulse is a wildcard, but he can only copy the team abilities from friendly characters with a shared keyword. So you could pair him up the Kingdom Come Flash to give him the Kingdom Come ability, or pair him up with Jay Garrick to give him the JSA ability.

In some ways Impulse is one of the harder speedsters to get a handle simply because there are so many different ways to play him. You can keep him at a safe distance and use his supportive abilities to push things in your favor, charge in and start swinging, or some balance of the two. I might have been a bit too…impulsive when I used Bart and he got taken out early on both times I used him.