Recently I managed to get a pretty amazing pull from a Flash booster at my friendly local gaming store, it included nearly all of the speedsters you could want. Wally West, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury, Kingdom Come Flash, and Impulse were all inside waiting to spring into action. A few more boosters increased the ranks of my speedster family to include Barry Allen, Jesse Quick, and XS. Since the Flash Heroclix are still relatively new I thought I’d share my thoughts about the speedsters over the next few days, and off a bit of insight into each of them individually.

All of the speedsters have the Speed Force trait, the major difference between each of them is the way that they’ve able to employ the mysterious power. That level of customization is one of my favorite things about this set. Over the years there have been quite a few individuals who have gained the ability to tap into the speed force, but they all had they’re own special place in the Flash family.

Keywords: Future, Legion of Superheroes, Speedster

The daughter of one of the Tornado Twins XS is also Barry Allen’s granddaughter, and she serves as a member of the Legion of Superheroes in the future. XS has a lot of good things going for her, and for a mere eighty-two points she brings plenty of interesting things into play. For starters thanks to her Legion flight ring she possesses the flight symbol so she won’t be slowed down by being force to detour around pesky obstacles. She can also use the carry ability regardless of a character’s speed symbol and without reducing her speed value if they share a keyword with her. So if you’re working on a Legion of Superheroes or a Speedster team and you’re looking for a perfect way to get some of your pieces into just the right place XS is probably an excellent choice.

As you add Speed tokens to her card XS gains additional movement abilities. With two Speed tokens she can use Sidestep, with three she can ignore characters while moving, and with five she can ignore blocking terrain. Paired with her flight, Hypersonic Speed, and a beginning speed value of twelve she can definitely use the terrain to her advantage.

XS also has Probability Control and Empower which can lend some much needed support to a Speedster team. Her sole defense power is Super Senses but with only five clicks and no soak a single hit from a powerful figure can drop her substantially. My advice is to keep her at a distance, gather Speed tokens by attacking less powerful members of your opponents force, and try to keep her Probability Control in play as much as possible.