Kindred Spirits by Mark Anthony & Ellen Porath

A few weeks ago I snagged a couple of used paperbacks at the bookstore down the road from my house, and one of them was a gem from the world of Dragonlance that I couldn’t resist. Two of Krynn’s most legendary heroes meet years before a fateful night in Solace that would set them on the path to becoming legends. Flint Fireforge, dwarf adventurer and master craftsman journeys to Qualinost at the invitation of the Speaker of the Sun. While working in the city he meets and befriends a young Tanis Half-Elven whose mixed heritage affords little affection among the elves. The two form an unlikely friendship over the years and when Tanis is blamed for a series of grisly murders it falls on Flint to prove his innocence. I’m only about halfway into the book so far, but it’s been a really enjoyable story. It’s interesting to see both of these characters at different times in their lives and to see how their relationship developed. If anyone is thinking of picking this up it’s just volume one of The Meetings Sextet, which presumably explains how all of the Heroes of the Lance came to know one another.