Dungeon Delve

As I try to finish of my collection of 4th Edition books I’ve been picking up some of the titles that failed to draw my eye early on. Dungeon Delve was one of those books. Simply put it’s a collection of simple dungeons and single encounters assembled in a single volume. While I was reading through the book I was pleasantly surprised by what I found inside. For example in the first series of encounters, Coppernight Hold, a dwarf prospector named Kavalar Coppernight and his miners have run afoul of a white dragon and her kobold followers. The mine being of considerable value adventurers are tasked with driving out the dragon and her minions, securing the mine, and rescuing anyone who survived the siege. Now that’s a fairly simple premise and the delve is spread through three encounters, but there is a huge amount of versatility and it could easily be transformed into a longer campaign by adding additional chambers and monsters to Coppernight Hold. You could also toy with the fate of the miners. Did Kavalar Coppernight survive his encounter? Are they being held captive by the kobolds? Or were he and all of his workers killed? There are numerous delves and while they are all simply they are quite well done and I think this is a fantastic book for DMs who are new to the game, people who are looking for an adventure that can be wrapped up in a single session, or someone looking for a bit of inspiration to put to work while crafting dungeons of their own.