Jedi Academy Training Manual

Luke Skywalker made becoming a Jedi seem like it was pretty simple, but he was the son of the chosen one and he had two of the greatest Jedi of all time guiding him along the way. The rest of the younglings didn’t have it that easy. They relied on the lessons of the Jedi Knights and Masters who had a hand in guiding them in the mastery of the force. When Luke reestablished the Jedi Order many training centers were founded on a number of planets including the Jedi Academy on Ossus. The Jedi Academy Training Manual is written from the perspective of the students on Ossus. It’s divided into seven sections detailing different aspects of the student’s lives. Chapter one features character options such as feats, talents, and force powers. Chapter two is devoted to the philosophy of the Jedi and examines how it affects the apprentices. Chapter three features equipment and artifacts that are vital to the Jedi and the Sith, and there’s a wealth of information on the creation of lightsabers and holocrons. Chapter four features a study of other force traditions and how the differ from the Jedi. There are some great NPCs that can be incorporated into your campaign included in the Instructors & Alumni section. Jedi such as Anoon Bondara, Grand Master Luke Skywalker, Kieran Halcyon, Mara Jade Skywalker, Ooroo, and Thon all represent the best the Jedi Order has to offer. Chapter six is devoted to threats that the apprentices and Jedi will face throughout the galaxy including those who have fallen over to the dark side of the force and a variety of beasts. Chapter seven features descriptions of various planets and site that are significant to the Jedi and other force users such as the Sith. This is a fantastic book for players and GMs looking for more options to incorporate into their Jedi characters and NPCs. However if you’re planning on sticking with nobles, scouts, scoundrels, and soldiers there’s going to be a limited amount of material to interest you. The lore about the Jedi and their order held my interest and left me wanting more after I’d finished reading through it. I also found the racial stats for the Celegian species that were included in Chapter five were worth the price of the book all on their own. The Celegian are an unusual species to say the least. They look like enormous brains with numerous tentacle-like appendages trailing off of their bodies. They’re an aquatic species who must be encased in a special environment chamber to avoid suffocating. Their telepathic abilities allows them to use the telepath application of the Use the Force skill untrained and they succeed automatically when trying to communicate with willing targets.