The Flash Heroclix

After War of Light wraps up in a few months DC has another set all lined up, and if you’re a fan of the fastest member of the Justice League you won’t be disappointed. That’s right everyone the Flash is getting his own set! So you’re probably wondering who can we expect to find in this set. Well of course there’s going to be a couple versions of the Flash including one of Jay Gay the Golden Age Flash. All of the Rogues are also going to be included so if you’ve been wanting to add Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, or Weather Wizard to your collection you’ll probably want to check this out. Some of you may remember a few months back Wizkids featured a poll to choose a character from the DC universe to be featured in a later set, and Etrigan managed to beat out the competition. A new figure of everyone’s favorite demon will be burning up the field and I have to say his sculpt looks pretty fantastic. As always there will be a couple of oddball figures thrown into the mix such as Harley Quinn, Ragdoll, and Midnighter. Sadly we’ll have to wait until October for the set to be released.