Guardians of the Galaxy Heroclix

So the Guardians of the Galaxy Heroclix set has finally been released and I’m sure most folks are out looking for a Rocket Raccoon to add to their collection. I’ll be getting some of the figures tomorrow night, but I’d like to share a couple of thoughts about the set really quick. I like that the generic soldiers are a blend of the Nova Corps and I think that they could make a powerful force all by themselves if you’re able to gather enough of them. As for the guardians themselves it seems as thought they’ve got a nice blend of abilities and point costs to allow you to use them in a wide range of situations. I will say this set seems really aggressive so cautious players may find that they’re not able to use it too effectively. I’ll post a video and a more detailed review about the set as soon as I can.



Pick My Clix 2

For those who didn’t follow the voting The Thunderbolts won Pick My Clix 2 so I made my way over to the Geekadrome for the last Deadpool event last night with a sizable force at my disposal. They didn’t do well. In the first round I faced off against Rob who had managed to assemble a complete force of the Marvel Zombies. It was my first time facing off against them and I have to say the infection mechanic they employ is quite a bit of fun. My force managed to take out the zombie versions of Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus, but by the end they were overwhelmed by hoards of the undead. The second round found them facing off against Tom playing an Avengers team base along with his War Machine, Wrecker, and Deadpool and Bob. Although they managed to take out the Avengers they faced another defeat. I have to say the most disappointing piece of the night was Juggernaut. He’s one of those pieces who gets tougher as he takes damage, but if he’s facing someone with outwit, penetrating psychic blast, or exploit weakness he just dies before inflicting much damage. In my experience he’s far from unstoppable.


Dungeons and Dragons Comics: The Spirit of Myrrth

Before my walk home last night I decided to take a quick peek through some of the long boxes at my friendly local gaming store, just to see if there were any old comics that caught my eye. Three out of four issues of The Spirit of Myrrth storyline caught my eye. The story was published by DC Comics back in 1989 so I was pretty interested in seeing what sorts of creature from the game made their way into the comic book. The story takes placed in Waterdeep and includes the following: were-rats, a secret guild of angry jesters, necromancy in the form of knock knock jokes, rust monsters, giant skeletons, and much more.