Gygax Issue 4

My new issue of Gygax Magazine just turned up in the mail, printing issues delayed the arrival so I’ve been anxiously waiting for it to show up for a while now. This a fantastic issue and it presents a wide variety of material on a number of topics related to tabletop RPGS. “Men and monsters of Polynesia” by Michael Varhold presents information and statistics for more than a dozen creatures from Polynesia. The creatures are all interesting in their own way, but I have to say that the artwork Travis Hansen really helps bring them to life.
“Adventuring without the magic” by Jon Peterson examines how RPGs moved from fantasy games such as Dungeons and Dragons into other genres, it’s an interesting look into the history of the hobby we all enjoy. “The Necromancer’s Cookbook” by Dave Olson offers advice on how to bring skeletons, zombies, and other undead minions to life in a manner of speaking. They’re fun little additions to a threat most parties have faced that might make the next time you use them a bit more interesting. “Djinn” by Lawrence Whitaker and Peter Nash examines the beings of the same name, delving into their society, abilities, and the way that they can be summoned and bound. “Operation: Rendezvous Oasis” by Merle Rasmussen features the return of the creator of Top Secret with his first new adventure in years, this is something fans of the Top Secret will definitely want to check out.

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Mummy’s Mask

I’ve always found ancient Egypt to be a fascinating place, and I always gravitate towards the mummies and other artifacts from that region whenever I find myself in a museum. After I’ve finished checking out the dinosaurs that is. Osirion draws my interest as it is a setting within the Pathfinder RPG that captures many of the elements from Egypt that are popular in modern culture. The Mummy’s Mask is a Pathfinder Adventure Path which sets players on a quest to prevent the Cult of the Forgotten Pharaoh from restoring the Forgotten Pharaoh to his throne. Thus far we have ancient tombs, sinister cults with a secret mission, and a mummy longing to wrap his bandaged hands around all of Osirion. I’m definitely willing to believe that this could be the storyline that makes me give Pathfinder a try. The adventure begins with The Half-Dead City, which is an adventure for first level characters making it a perfect starting point for newbies like myself.