Today’s Daily D4 is a bit of silly fun in honor of the holiday, I hope everyone has a happy Independence Day and gets to play a game in the midst of all the barbeques and outdoor activities.

The Founders

In the city of Waterdeep four of the masked lords must delve deep into Undermountain to root out a danger that threatens to destroy their city and everyone within its walls. Red Wizards of Thay have somehow found their way into the dungeons beneath Waterdeep, and from there they plan to launch an attack overrunning the city with demons and other arcane threats. Only The Founders can move in time to prevent their wicked scheme from coming to fruition.

Benjamin Franklin is a Warforged Artificer


Molly Pitcher is a Human Fighter


Thomas Jefferson is a Half-Elf Bard


George Washington is a Halfling Warlord