Today’s Daily D4 relates to a campaign idea I’m running through at the moment, and Star Wars since it seems as though everyone is pretty anxious to see what Episode VII is going to be like.

Star Wars Saga: Force Unleashed Campaign Guide

This was the second book I bought when I started playing the Star Wars Saga game, the first of course being the core book. If you’re thinking about running a campaign during the Dark Times this is a really valuable resource that provides a lot of insight into that period of time and what sort of campaigns work well in it. What are the Dark Times you ask? Well that is the period of time after the Clone Wars when the Empire had risen to power, but before the Rebel Alliance had taken up the fight against them. That isn’t to say that no one opposed then new regime but most of the outspoken critics were pursuing diplomatic means of restoring the Republic. Anyone who actually picked up a blaster and tried to take out the stormtroopers was usually doing it without any aid from an organized resistance movement. In all the Dark Times comprised 19 years and the period only came to an end when with death of Emperor Palpatine and the destruction of the second Death Star, this was considered the beginning of the fall of the Empire.

The book includes new races, prestige classes, feats to make your character’s powers even more effective, the rules for using organizations, and a host of Imperial NPCs. The new races are : the Aleena, the Caamasi, the Felucian the Gran, the Nosaurian, the Talz, the Togorian, the Togruta, the Whipids, and the Yarkora. If your party has reached a high enough level they may want to try out some of the new prestige classes, all of whom represent more capable characters from the Star Wars universe. The rules for play enforcers, independent droids, infiltrators, master privateers, medics, and saboteurs are all found in the campaign guide. I found the organization rules to be especially interesting. Depending on a few of your character’s traits and their actions during the campaign they can rise or fall in the estimation of the Rebel Alliance, the Empire, the Antarian Rangers, of Black Sun. If you’re planning a campaign in which your characters are part of the Rebel Alliance or some other organization you’ve created specifically for your game you might want to employ the organizations rules.

There are a ton of great books for the Star Wars Saga RPG, and depending on the sort of characters you’re interested in playing there may be others that serve your needs a bit better. For GMs though I think this is a great addition as it gives you some new races to play with, the data for playing in the Dark Times, and a great new feature in the organizations mechanic.