Marvel Dice Masters

Right after I started playing Heroclix again I started hearing about another games being produced by Wizkids that utilizes elements from the Marvel universe as well, only it uses dice and cards in place of plastic miniatures. I was curious so I watched a couple of unboxing videos and tutorials online just to try and wrap my head around the game, but it never managed to hold my interest. However after today I think I’ve been forced to revise my opinion. While I was visiting my friendly local gaming store I watched two players engaging in a game, and as I happened to know both of them they were happy to explain some of the rules as they played. Now please keep in mind, I haven’t looked into the rules too deeply and I’ve never played it so my understanding of the mechanics is extremely limited. I did however learn that Nick Fury allows you to play Avengers at no additional cost, which sounds terrifying even when you don’t fully grasp all of the rules. So why am I talking about a game that I can’t give a detailed account of? Well I think of the Daily D4 as a place to run through ideas and topics that are at the forefront of my mind, and this definitely falls into that category. I feel a bit bad for dismissing the game for so long and I’m definitely planning on giving it a try to see how I actually feel about it. If you’re interested I think the best thing to do is find some friends who actually play it, then just sit and watch them play for a bit. There’s something about this game that just doesn’t seem to translate well any other way and it really does need the enthusiasm of players to sell itself.