Today’s Daily D4 is all related to things I saw or bought while I was out running errands with Jade. It makes for an odd assortment of items, but I think it’s one that you’ll all find interesting.

Iron Patriot Heroclix

I picked up another one of the Heroclix from the Iron Man 3 set today, and as always I let Jade choose because she usually manages to pick something pretty spectacular. Her streak continues. One of the three that she picked turned out to be the seasonally appropriate Iron Patriot, and I’ve got to say this figure is pretty tough. For 200 points he has a starting movement of 12, a starting attack value of 11, a starting defensive value of 17, and a starting damage value of 4. He has indomitable and a range of 8 allowing him to pour on the attacks and avoid being brought to a standstill to avoid pushing damage. Now for a guy walking around with a mini-gun on his shoulder you’re probably wondering what kind of attack powers he has aren’t you? Well Wizkids didn’t disappoint with this one. Penetrating psychic blast, super strength, and steal energy give him a nice blend of attacks that can bypass defense, increase his damage output, or allow him to recover. I really like his movement powers as well, I feel like Rhodes wouldn’t be the sort of character to just stand around. Running shot, charge, and flurry make for some interesting options and they match up quite well with his attack powers. His defensive powers switch from invulnerability paired with combat reflexes to toughness, so he has a pretty good ability to soak up damage for most of his dial. His damage output is pretty staggering, in fact it remains at a steady for throughout most of his dial, he deals 3 damage on two clicks but that’s still impressive in my book. As for support powers he sports outwit, perplex, shape change, and regeneration making for a nice blend. However he clearly isn’t meant to serve as a back end support piece with his combat values. He has a trait called Bodyguard which allows a single ally with the Ruler, Celebrity, or Politician keyword to use super senses when they’re adjacent to him, and on a roll of 3-4 the damage is dealt to Iron Patriot instead. I’d team him with some low point piece with the proper keyword who can take advantage of that trait and have the pair of them tear into whatever crosses their path.


Marauders of the Dune Sea

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Caravans are under attack by monstrous creatures and nefarious bandits lurking in the wastelands along a well traveled road, and it falls to a ragtag band of heroes to recover one of the lost caravans. That’s more or less how Marauders of the Dune Sea begins and it finds the characters in the city of Tyr, the only great city in all of Athas not currently under the rule of one of the powerful sorcerer-kings. How long Tyr can remain free is a matter of heated public debate, but the rumors of an ancient ruin that’s been discovered in the desert somewhere outside of Tyr has drawn far too much attention to the already troubled city. For GMs looking to try their hand at a Dark Sun campaign Marauders of the Dune Sea is a great launching platform as it introduces many of the central themes of the setting. The module’s creator Bruce Cordell captures the intrigue of the cities of Athas and the sorcerer-kings, the brutality of the harsh environment, the mystery of what lies buried beneath the shifting sands, and the wonder of a world with only a handful of civilized places left. You’ll also find a very nice double-sided map inside depicting a bazar of Tyr on side and desert map on the other, both of which can be used for other campaigns if you’re of a mind to do so. Since it’s intended for a party of 2nd level characters it could serve as a starting campaign with a bit of tweaking, or you could level your party up a bit with a brief introduction.