Weird Wars: Rome

This is a supplemental book for the RPG Savage Worlds that provides an interesting new take on the expansion of the ancient empire of Rome. As legionaries battling on the frontier the players will face the foes of their empire as well as darker more inhuman threats. I love the idea of playing out a scenario that finds a group of legionaries in Gaul on the lookout for savage warriors, only to come face to face with mudmen or some other supernatural creature. This is a supplemental book so you’ll need to have the core Savage Worlds book in order to play it, however it does provide some new material.


Robot Chicken Dungeons and Dragons

Back in 2010 the writers of Robot Chicken sat down with Chris Perkins to play a Dungeons and Dragons campaign, it remains one of my favorite games to this day. The newly acquainted adventurers embarked on a quest into Undermountain beneath the city of Waterdeep to recover the shield of the orc slayer, one of the legendary sentinel shields. These three shields had been lost for some time, but a halfling eager to reclaim one learned that the shield of had been entombed with the dwarf who’d wielded it in life. Ranrock, Bluebell, Steel Diamond, Jaundice the Mauve, and Kai Nuq Sin faced many perils in their quest. If you’re in the mood for a few hours of entertaining diversion and an adventure fraught with traps, foul creatures of darkness, and a fun quest it’s definitely worth taking a look at this.