Sorry guys, I know we’ve been talking about Dungeons and Dragons a lot lately, but with the new edition coming out in just a few weeks it’s been on my mind quite a bit. Don’t worry other games will rise to the forefront of my brain soon enough.

Rod of Seven Parts

I stumbled across this interesting little gem while I was reading through my new copy of the Dungeon Master’s Guide 2. The rode of seven parts is an unimpressive looking segment of black metal that was created during the Dawn War by servants of Bahamut and Moradin. It was forged as a weapon to be used against a particularly powerful primordial known as Miska the Wolf-Spider. When it came into contact with the primordial it was shattered into seven parts and vanished along with her, it has not be reassembled since that terrible battle. The Rod of Seven Parts was the primary focus of a Dungeons and Dragons adventure written by Skip Williams back during 2nd Edition. Leading the party in pursuit of the segments of the rod and pitting them against the agents of Miska and the Wind Dukes of Aaqa who helped to forge it in the first place. Campaigns that can be carried on for a long time like that, while taking part in other adventures at the same time, really appeal to me. You can always throw in a rumor or a whisper about a segment as a reward and it can be exciting to know you’ve taken one step closer to your ultimate goal. The rod itself is a handy magical item but it isn’t so powerful that you need to fear putting it in the hands of your players.