Knights of Badassdom

When his longtime girlfriend breaks up with him (Character’s) friends decide that the best way to cheer him up is getting him to take part in their weekend LARP. Unfortunately they also manage to summon a succubus by mistake, and the infernal seductress begins tearing her way through the assembled LARPers. Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, Steve Zahn and Summer Glau are the main cast members and each of them managed to convince me that they were nerdy enough to attend an event. The music is fantastic and there are lots of jokes that are sure to get a snort of laughter from your Dungeons and Dragons group.


Dungeons and Dragons Attack Wing

Given the popularity of tabletop strategy games like Star X-Wing Fighter and Star Trek Attack Wing it’s not surprising to see Wizkids is producing something with similar mechanics, but a fantasy flavor. Some of the contents of the starter set were revealed for the first time at Origins and it looks like they’re going all out with this one. The game will allow players to assemble teams of dragons which will be pitted against one another in breathtaking aerial combat. The starter set includes three dragons but there are going to be additional dragons released it later expansions to the game. Initially players will be able to use either a red, a blue, or a copper dragon. The game will also employ ground troops such as frost giants and elven archers who will clash beneath their winged allies. Aside from the fact that the miniatures are all original sculpts that look pretty fantastic I’m also interested in seeing how the ground troops will be put into play.

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