For those of you who missed the video that was posted on the blog a little while ago I just picked up my own copy of The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond and I’ve spent the last couple of hours looking over all of the materials in it. There’s a ton of great stuff but I continue to be fascinated by the various golems that appear in the campaign guide. As a result today’s Daily D4 is all about the unusual golems of Gloomwrought.

There are three distinct types of golems that can be found in the city: street golems, wall golems, and hearth golems. Their appearances and abilities vary wildly but they do share several common characteristics. Like all golems none of them are all that intelligent, they are guided by basic instinct more than anything else. However they are also unique because unlike other golems they are created naturally, rather than being assembled through a complex ritual by some outside force. The energy that flows throughout Gloomwrought itself animates them and they are usually created when construction or destruction occurs in the city. These golems can be convinced to act as allies for anyone from the region of Gloomwrought and they often find themselves in the service of one of the various factions who control the city. Their loyalty and impressive destructive powers have made them popular guardians, and many of the natives have even instructed them to blend in with their surroundings and remain out of sight until they’re called upon. The idea of walls suddenly sprouting angry faces and lurching forward to seize an intruder is sure to give any burglar in Gloomwrought pause.