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It seems like most Dungeons and Dragons campaigns find the players facing off against goblins, kobolds, or brigands of one sort or another in their first encounters. For those who’ve never stumbled across a kobold in their monster manual they’re diminutive lizard-like people known for being craftier than they are strong, they’re also exceedingly fond of traps. Kobolds may also be popular because they tend to gather around dragons providing new players with the chance to face off against one of the game’s most iconic creatures early on. I’ve never actually faced off against a kobold. The first encounter I ever had in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign involved a savage tribe of halflings, and I’ve never used one in any of my campaigns either. Honestly though I love the scaly little devils and I often find myself creating little maps of dungeons that they might carve out for themselves. To be fair I think I imagine them to be a bit smarter than the average monster, and that makes sense when you consider that they’ve managed to survive in dungeons with much more deadly creatures for generations. If you love setting traps for your players why not use a few kobolds in your next campaign?



Star Wars: X-Wing Rebel Transport

The X-Wing Miniature game is an immensely fun addition to any game collection, but it has been missing something up until now. We’ve had the ace pilots aboard X-Wings, Y-Wings, B-Wings, A-Wings, and TIE Fighters battling it out to decide the fate of the galaxy. Boba Fett has taken the field in his Slave I and the Millennium Falcon has graced the table of everyone who ever dreamt of doing the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. However the game has been missing the dauntingly gigantic starships that graced the big screen and made all of our jaws drop as we contemplated their sheer enormity. Those days are done. Fantasy Flight has released the first colossal starship, a GR-75 transport and as an added bonus it comes with an additional X-Wing flying escort. The set includes rules and additional movement templates to make it feel as though you’ve actually taken control of something capable of conveying large numbers between systems. Now this isn’t a standalone set, you’ll still need to buy the core game to be able to play and with a sixty dollar price tag that isn’t a small investment. Still if I had the money I would buy it and use it as soon as possible.