Last night’s War of Light event influenced today’s Daily D4. It was great fun in case you’re wondering, I’ll write up a more detailed report for you guys a bit later.

Lost Lanterns Heroclix

One of my favorite Green Lantern storylines of all time featured the Lost Lanterns, members of the Green Lanterns who’d been captured by the Manhunters and experimented on for years. Hal Jordan discovered them and set them free only to find himself fighting against them as they believed he was still waging war on the Green Lanterns as he had years ago. I was psyched to see that they were going to be featured in the War of Light and I think they’re going to be one of my favorite things about this entire event. Tomar Tu, Arisisa, Boodikka, Graf Toren, and Hannu represent the varied abilities of the Green Lanterns perfectly and at almost any point value they can be used to make a formidable force. They all have a special damage power at varying points on their dials wich allows them to use willpowers and outwit as long as there isn’t another character within three squares of them, except for those possessing the Lost Lantern keyword. Tomar Tu can use constructs and he has a special ability the prevents a target from attacking a friendly character. Arisia has a nice blend of abilities including sidestep, telekinesis, energy explosion, super senses, and ranged combat expert. She sort of a jack of all trades and I found her to be a useful piece last night. At close ranged Boodikka is deadly, especially when she blends her blades/claws/fanged with her outwit to deal superior damage to her foes. Get her in close and that way she can take advantage of the close combat reflex and close combat expert that she gains later in her dial. Graf Toren has a special attack power called web constructs that placed a token next to each target hit by his attacks and it prevents them from making an attack while they’re adjacent to the marker. Hannu is a great big hammer and he can be used to batter down any of the more powerful pieces that are set before the Lost Lanterns. I managed to pull a couple of them and traded some of my Orange Lanterns to get Hannu so now all I need is Tomar Tu to complete the set.



Blue Lantern Corps Heroclix

The team I ended up using blended a few of the Lost Lanterns that I got along with some of my Blue Lanterns and they worked pretty well together. The Blue Lantern Heroclix have some powerful pieces in their ranks, and in the War of Light you would do well not to underestimate them. Ganthet has the highest damage value of any character with the Blue Lantern keyword, and he dishes out for clicks of damage before dropping down. Their real strength lies in the abundance of perplex, probability control, and other support abilities that allow them to control the flow of battle. The Blue Lanterns aren’t going to march to victory in a phalanx, but they can definitely hold their own and whittle away at opponents with their powers until they manage to win. I found that they worked very well paired with some Green Lanterns who could deal more damage, which makes sense considering the two forces are complimentary. At the moment I still need Saint Walker, Hal Jordan, Brother Warth, a Blue Lantern Recruit, Sayd, and Adara to complete my collection.



The Isle of Dread

I picked up a used copy of The Isle of Dread last night before Heroclix and I’m glad to have it in my collection. It’s a classic wilderness adventure for characters from level 3-7, it introduces the island as well as the threats that a party might encounter while they’re there. Most folks only bring some sunscreen and a book when they head to the beach, better hope your party remembered their cleric and their magic user because they’re going to need them. I’m still reading through the module but I did flip to the back to check out the new monsters that were included. An Allosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Aranea, Brontosaurus, Dimetrodon, Giant Elk, Grangeri, Kopru, Megatherium, Natives, Phanaton, Sword Beak, Plesiosaurus, Rakasta, and Trachdon were all waiting there for me.