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Marvel Heroic RPG Civil War Essentials Event Book

In the wake of a national tragedy precipitated by the actions of a team of untrained heroes the United States government passed the Superhuman Registration Act, a law which required everyone with superhuman powers or abilities to register with the government. Iron Man sides with the government and begins rallying the pro-registration heroes to the cause, while Captain America goes underground with the anti-registration heroes who refuse to register. If you’re looking for an interesting time in which to run a Marvel Heroic RPG it doesn’t get much better than the Civil War, and the Civil War Essentials Event Book gives you everything you’ll need to do it The book outlines all of the events leading up to the Civil War, and it gives a detailed account of all of the major plot points that take place throughout the conflict along with numerous heroic datafiles. There are also statistics for NPCs who will fight alongside of your characters, and oppose them. Beyond that however it’s up to your watcher and the party to decided what the outcome will be and which heroes will take part in it. Will you take up the role of X-Men, who fear that the Superhuman Registration Act will lead to a similar Mutant Registration Act? Or will you fill the roles of the Avengers who are divided down the middle on their stance? You might even decided to take on the role of the Thunderbolts and try to capture the heroes for the government. Maybe one of your players will switch sides during the course of the war?


Ms. Marvel Heroic Datafile

Carol Danvers didn’t never needed superpowers to prove that she was capable of great things. Even before she took on the role of a superhero she’d served as pilot in the United States Air Force, as a field intelligence operative, and as the head of security for NASA. Exposure to a Kree device transformed her into a superhuman powerhouse who struggled to balance her personal life with her new role as a superhero for years. After her powers and her memories were stolen by Rogue she was abducted by the Brood and transformed once more. She wandered through space for a time before returning to Earth with her memories and powers intact once again. Ms. Marvel fascinates me because she is a capable, intelligent, and highly skilled individual who never set out to put on a mask to change the world for the better. It’s also interesting to see characters who were or are part of the military taking on the role of a superhero, Ms. Marvel isn’t the only one to do so but I think she is the best example. She struggled with her identity, and her journey hasn’t been an easy one by any standard. Her abilities include: energy blasts, flight, durability, superhuman strength, and superhuman durability. If you’re interested in playing Ms. Marvel you can find the materials needed to do so in the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game Basic Game Book, and the Civil War Essentials Event Book. The characteristics are pretty similar, but they are meant to reflect the character at different points in the Marvel timeline. I’d suggest trying the one included in the basic game.


Moonstone Datefile

Karla Sofen, also known as Moonstone, stole her powers from the original Moonstone she’s been using them to get what she wants ever since. The first time I read about her she’d used her credentials to gain access to the Hulk and proceeded to try and convince witnesses that he’d gone berserk and attacked her without any provocation. The ancient Kree artifact in her possession grants her a number of powers including: energy blasts, intangibility, flight, superhuman strength, superhuman durability, and superhuman reflexes. She also utilizes her training a psychiatrist to play mind games with her opponents. She’s worked with a number of partners and faced off with even more heroes during her career. Throughout most of the Civil War she served as a member of the Thunderbolts alongside the likes of Radioactive Man, Venom, Swordsman, Songbird, Bullseye, and Penance. She even stole Ms. Marvel’s name and her costume for a while to serve as one of Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers. You’ll find Moonstone of the rest of her teammates from the Thunderbolts in the Civil War Essentials Event Book.